Maximize the Value of Your Retired Equipment

By Paul Baum

Ever Wonder Where Your Retired IT Devices Go?

It seems like a simple question. Managing the retirement of IT assets is a necessary part of the business cycle. ITAD vendors are carefully vetted and selected through a robust process that ensures both security and environmental processes are followed. Painstaking hours and resources can be spent to ensure that your organization’s data is safe and devices are properly recycled. But has your organization considered what the long-term potential impact that your ITAD program has on your community? What if there was an opportunity to create a circular economy that benefited the greater good, rewarded your organization, and still fulfilled environmental policies?

The Challenge:

1 in 5 students in the US lack adequate technology resources at home. Whether that be devices, connectivity, or proper software. In a recent study by the National Education Association, “50% of students say they have been unable to complete a homework assignment because they didn’t have access to the Internet or a computer. Furthermore, 42% of students say they received a lower grade on an assignment due to lack of access”. When selecting an ITAD partner perhaps it is the perfect time to consider – can we as an organization do more?

The Opportunity – WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN

Win – Social Responsibility
Win – Environmental Sustainability
Win – Affordable Technology for Kids and Families
Win – Get Paid To Do The Right Thing
As a community, we need to do more to conquer the digital divide. ITAD vendors can provide ways to help maximize the impact that organizations’ retired assets have. Not only through environmental stewardship, but through community stewardship as well. Organizations with large stockpiles of retired assets have the opportunity to pay it forward in their community by focusing disposition efforts on getting the devices directly into the hands of another user.

The Solution:

The best way to maximize returns on assets and ensure that devices are going direct to the next user is through Premium Closed Retailers. Best Buy, Amazon and other premium market places, along with Consumer-to-Consumer Channels, yield the highest gross sales. Devices must be thoroughly tested, cosmetically improved, and upgraded to acceptable market standards to sell on those channels. Your partner will need to have a proven refurbishment process to cosmetically improve and upgrade devices to acceptable market standards. Only qualified vendors are selected to re-market on direct to consumer channels.

The Benefits:

Organizations have an obligation to the community they work in. You can ensure that retired devices get a second life by utilizing programs that sell direct to the next user, rather than wholesaling devices overseas and recycling in bulk. By working together with an ITAD vendor who will add value to your retired devices and practices responsible disposition, your organization can be paid to actively change lives through the power of affordable technology. Providing an affordable, sustainable option to our underserved students and those who lack access to technology, are critical in conquering the digital divide. The decision to responsibly retire your devices, while fostering a relationship with your community through technology, is an easy one. Help us conquer the digital divide today.

ITAD in Action – Tech Tuesday

In an effort to help conquer the digital divide, Tech Tuesday was created by the founder of PlanITROI and his daughter to help children who lack access to adequate technology resources. The program aims to give children the power to grow by providing 100% access to technology and 1-on-1 training with volunteers, staff and STEM coordinators. Tech Tuesday and PlanITROI are committed to support students throughout their K12 education by providing the tools necessary to complete their homework and succeed. With your help we can support thousands of students and conquer the digital divide.

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