In recent media headlines, the hardware hack involving Supermicro server motherboards has been gaining a lot of attention (read the IAITAM article here: Here at IAITAM, we feel the need to remind our members that especially in the wake of a widespread and covert data breach we must not forget our foundational ITAM best practices. Ask yourselves how IT Asset Management could have prevented the hack. How should organizations respond now? Through the implementation of best practices, an IT Asset Manager is able to best support their organization. They are capable of identifying if their organization is a victim and, if so, help fix the issue rapidly and with the maximum mitigation of risk.

We have been asked to find those who may have been affected. If this applies to you, please email us at At IAITAM we strive to assist and support our members and the ITAM programs they manage.

We appreciate your time and insights.

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