Olitech Solutions

Olitech Solutions is an Oracle focused leading software asset management and technology consulting firm boasting unparalleled expertise in Oracle licensing, contract advisement, and technology services. Working with clients worldwide, Olitech is well-regarded for our holistic approach to uncovering savings embedded in Oracle’s intricate pricing methodologies and licensing structures. We partner with clients to identify the highest-value savings opportunities and address their most critical challenges when it comes to Oracle.

Olitech has a proven history of success in helping Fortune 500 companies, federal, state, and local governments optimize their Oracle licenses, reduce their IT costs, and identify and mitigate risks when it comes to Oracle. Olitech has first-hand experience navigating large and complex contract negotiations, license compliance reviews/audits, and securing best-in-market pricing, terms, and conditions. We empower our clients to take control of their Oracle spend by identifying financial opportunities to reduce their costs, maintain compliance, and effectively reduce their Oracle spend trajectory.


244 Fifth Avenue, Suite M273
New York, NY 10001
United States



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