Phil Hames

Director, TBSC

Phil Hames founded The Business Software Centre Ltd (TBSC) in 2004. Since then the company has pioneered new technologies for providing software as a service (SaaS) and software usage metering. Phil has a BSc Honours Degree in Managerial Sciences from the University of Bradford and is an active blogger on software cost control. Phil has extensive experience in the software industry with Intuit, Xerox, Tech Data and Thorn EMI where he held senior roles in sales, marketing and product management.


Topic: Cloud

May 20, 10-11 AM ET

SaaS, a new commercial model and how to optimize your procurement

SaaS has become the predominant commercial model for all new software. The licensing and management models for SaaS are completely different to traditional licensing. Compliance with the complex licensing terms of traditional licensing is largely irrelevant. Instead you need to understand a new commercial model and how to optimize your procurement. If you don’t understand the importance of concepts such as CAC, LTV, Churn and MRR and how important they are to SaaS companies then you need to attend this session.

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