IAITAM, the IT Asset Management industry’s global education provider is proud to announce a series of 1-day educational sessions at a location near you!


IAITAM’s team of asset management experts and select industry peers are hitting the road this fall to address the issues pertinent to initiating, building and enhancing your organization’s IT Asset Management Program, the business side of IT.


Reap the benefits of a full day of vendor-neutral education from IAITAM’s experts


Spend the day engaging with ITAM professionals in a setting that is close to home


Return to work with real-world, practical knowledge that has been tested and proven


We began the Road Show events in May of 2015 to help IT Asset Management professionals come together in a local setting, because let’s face it, budgets are tight and approvals can be hard to come by. Through these events IAITAM is able to offer vendor-neutral education on a wide variety of relevant and trending topics in cities around the globe, allowing participants to build lasting relationships while enhancing their ITAM knowledge.

We are now heading into our 11th Road Show series and we couldn’t be more excited to bring these powerful events back to major cities across the US! After all, IAITAM’s mission is to be the principle resource for comprehensive ITAM best practices worldwide, enabling practitioners and industry professionals to achieve continuous success through ongoing education, certifications and networking as well as providing information pathways for knowledge enrichment and professional growth.


“I had a great time and learned a lot. I enjoyed discussing topics with the groups toward the end. It’s interesting to hear their challenges and how they were able to overcome them.”

“More More More… So validating and valuable to finally network with other IT asset managers. I don’t feel “alone” anymore.”

“This was a great option to bring industry information and best practices into a local market. The discussions were pertinent to practitioners and had real take away value.”

2020 US Roadshow Information Booklet

Schedule of Events

8:30-9:00 AM Networking with refreshments
9:00-9:30 AM Opening
9:30-1:30 PM Continuous Sessions
1:30-2:30 PM Networking Lunch
2:30-3:30 PM Interactive session- Birds of a Feather

Roadshow Logo

August 31 – Denver

Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel
Denver, Colorado

Roadshow Logo

September 2 – Phoenix

Courtyard Phoenix Camelback
Phoenix, Arizona

Roadshow Logo

September 4 – Las Vegas

Mirage Resort Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada

Roadshow Logo

September 28 – Honolulu

Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort & Spa
Honolulu, Hawaii


IAITAM’s team of experts will be on hand to impart knowledge on a wide variety of topics as they relate to IT Asset Management.
Presentations may vary slightly by location.

Reconnecting HAM & SAM
The Ying and Yang of ITAM

In the past few years, the ITAM solution’s market has placed its emphasis on Software Asset Management (SAM), much to the dismay of people who understand ITAM. Fact – you cannot do SAM without HAM. Software lives on hardware and the most complicated software runs on servers where the licensing is the most challenging to manage. In this presentation we will reiterate the importance of HAM and discuss how HAM becomes even more critical as technology continues to evolve.

Tools Implementation
“Real” Data Integration a Must

This robust presentation will touch upon all aspects of successful tools implementation and the importance of “actual” data in this activity. While we will not be focusing on or rating specific tools, we will be sharing our experience and successful techniques for data and tool integration. Demystifying the “hype” around this discipline will be the focus of this segment.

Selling ITAM
Information is a Tool, Awareness is a Strategy

One of the most frequently asked questions of IAITAM is “how do I get executive buy-in?” In this presentation we will look at the need for developing a strategy which includes a roadmap, your organization’s social network, the metrics to consider and currency.

IT Contract Management
10 Steps to Success

In this presentation we will explore in 10 steps the critical success factors necessary when developing and managing contracts for technology goods and services. We will also touch upon the types of contracts, and how they need to be memorialized in the IT management tool environment.

IT Security
Empowering IT Security with ITAM

IAITAM has a simple saying – “you can’t secure what you don’t know you have!” We believed so strong in this message we developed a certification course. The IT security topic remains a high, if not the highest, priority on every organization’s project list. This presentation will present more reasons why ITAM must play a critical role in IT security and how IT asset management enables the IT security initiative. IT security cannot succeed without the function of ITAM!

Managing the Cloud
Innovative ITAM Practices Necessary

This presentation will outline the current state of the Technology Cloud environment which is still a “Work in Progress”. Major cloud providers, various types of cloud services and relationships of the cloud provider to the cloud consumer will be discussed. Current IT Asset Management guidance available to deal with the complexity of the cloud will also be highlighted.

To Bring It All Together…

Birds of a Feather
Interactive Session

This fast paced interactive session, moderated by IAITAM, is an opportunity for the attendees to discuss the latest topics impacting ITAM, including HAM & SAM, Tool Implementation, Selling ITAM, Contract Management, IT Security and Managing the Cloud. Participants will work within groups to identify key challenges and solutions for each topic and then present their findings. Besides learning more about these topics, the attendees will also have the opportunity to network with their peers.