IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Symantec and others initially dipped their toe in the water of standards – now they are diving in. Find out how these organizations use an array of SAM standards that provide both compliance and cyber-security benefits to their customers!

By: Steve Klos, ITAM Subject Matter Expert, 1E
• SAM Subject Matter Expert
• Over 20 years of ITAM Experience – as a user, publisher and tool vendor
• Understands requirements of all stakeholders
• Editor of ISO SWID Tagging Standard (19770-2)
• Executive Director of
• Proponent of vendors providing data customers require for SAM processes
• Worked with 1E to develop SWID Repository
• Working with IBM, HP, Microsoft, Symantec and others to provide authoritative SWID data
• Working with US Government to ensure security needs are met by accurate SWID tag data

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