Freddy Behin

Freddy Behin M.D.: Living Impossible Dreams

May 4, 2017
08:30  -  09:45
Milan Ballroom

Freddy Behin is a modern-day Renaissance Man – an international competitive gymnast turned, compassionate doctor, creative software developer, and a successful entrepreneur. He is a Professional Speaker, #1 Bestselling Author, and a Peak Performance Life Coach. As the founder and owner of a very large gymnastics facility and training center in California, Freddy has helped over 9000 children enjoy the experiences and challenges of gymnastics. For over 20 years, his commitment to his community’s youth has helped build a foundation for
strong, confident young adults.

Beyond his local community, Freddy also donates his time, money and surgical skills to change lives around the world through his philanthropic work. His mission is to make a difference and instill hope in people around the world. With an intimate small group of likeminded individuals
Freddy strives to save and transform lives.

Freddy’s true passion is helping his clients achieve greatness. As a top Peak Performance Coach, Freddy’s expertise is in guiding top business leaders and professionals to higher levels of success and fulfillment.

Freddy’s diverse background has taught him how to rise above any and all challenges he has experienced. He developed a signature system to maximize potential and target specific areas that his clients want to overcome, change or take to a higher level in their business and personal life.
Freddy operates from the heart and is an inspirer and sculptor of souls. He creates happiness and delivers results for people he comes in contact with.

If you would like to achieve higher fulfillment and success, contact Freddy. He will help you take your emotions, health, finances, business, and
relationship to the next level!

** In his book “Living Impossible Dreams”, Freddy will take you on a journey of impossible endeavors where he will teach you step by step concepts that will teach you how to ensure success in your life, be it in a relationship, finances, business, education or simply going through academic or physical challenges. Freddy will conduct a book signing near the IAITAM registration desk immediately following his presentation – books will be available for purchase.

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