Which of the following statements apply to you?

  • I have a knack for teaching!
  • I want to play a bigger role in the ITAM community!
  • I have insights and expertise to share about ITAM!
  • I am an ITAM thought leader!
  • I would like to be recognized as a credible professional in the industry!
  • I can fill in knowledge gaps regarding ITAM!
  • I am an advocate of IAITAM and its principles!

If one or more of these statements sound like you, then you’re a great candidate to be a guest speaker at the next IAITAM ACE!

Previous IAITAM event topics include asset tagging, audits, case studies, the cloud, compliance, data, disposal, emerging tech, finances, ITSM, licensing, life cycle management, mobility, negotiations, people, processes, programs, SAM, security and tools.

Suggested topics in addition to the previous ones include best practices like vendor management, integration, legislation, tool selection, outsourcing, industry trends, identifying ITAM projects, identifying organizational needs, discovery, leasing, escrow, communications, ITAM as a business, procurement, non IP trackable assets, repositories and outsourcing.

If you have knowledge to share in any of these areas, then you should be a guest speaker at ACE!

The next IAITAM Annual Conference and Exhibition is coming up quick: 8-9 November in Amsterdam. Submissions are due by 31 August 2018. Submit your proposal today! If you need more information, email us at conference@iaitam.org.