Thank you to SAMGarde, Sponsor at the IAITAM ACE! The 16th annual IAITAM ACE will be taking place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 8-9 November. Join IAITAM and SAMGarde for the world’s leading ITAM conference. Learn more at

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As we said in our presentation to the Gartner Finance & IT Conference, “A tool is not a silver bullet!” Our focus is not just tools but the people, policy, process & commercial elements of ITAM, ensuring savings extend beyond the software budget. Since our founding 10 years ago we have always been 100% Independent & proudly so, with no hidden vested interests; NEVER working sub-contract for publishers nor selling their software. Our sole focus is YOU our customer! Based in Lisbon, Portugal & London, England our team of employees & pool of associates have the language skills & experience to ensure your SAM program delivers ! We have always been strong in the data centre. Unix, Linux, Windows, IBM, CA, Oracle, SAS, SAP or cloud we have a track record in handling them all. We are proudly one of the few Enterprise SAM practices with significant mainframe experience. Learn more at