IAITAM would like to thank these ITAM professionals taking the time to share their expertise at the #IAITAMACE. Join us in San Diego on May 23 from 2:15 – 3:15 PM for the following sessions.

  • Defining and Executing Your Roadmap to SAM Maturity by Jason Westfall
  • What’s It Like to Be in The SAM Tool Pit Crew? by Mark Feinman
  • IBM PA Software Licensing Rules – What Most People Don’t Know by Cj Ortega
  • Thing Management and Tracking the Equipment Central to Business Profitability by Arthur Lozinski
  • Everything as a Service – A Circular economy view from the workplace to the data center by Bo Guilbeault
  • Maximize your retired equipment value, while changing lives with affordable technology by Paul Baum
  • Measuring Success Begins With Your Vendor’s ERP System by Craig Boswell
  • Centralized Metering for Better Software License Efficiency by Linda Cole
  • The ITAM Standards: What they cover. How they help you. by John Tomeny

View the full ACE Schedule here.