IAITAM would like to thank these ITAM professionals taking the time to share their expertise at the #IAITAMACE. Join us in San Diego on May 22 from 3:30 – 4:30 PM for the following sessions.

  • Secure Asset End of Life Disposition, Information and Brand Risk Management and Audit Reporting by Gunnar Hedlund
  • Digital Vending & Lockers in Asset Management by Michael Harrison
  • Oracle cloud: licensing & audit implications when moving to cloud by Richard Spithoven
  • Data: The Currency of the Future and How to Leverage it for Cost Savings by Alan Bain
  • Discovery – the basis for successful SAM by Sumin Tchen
  • What to Expect During the Audit Process by Daryl Curtis
  • Extreme Makeover – ITAD Edition by Chris Lindenmuth & Kristina Accardo
  • The Price May Not Be Right: How to Win at the Cloud Licensing Game by Robbie Plourde
  • IBM COMPLIANCE TRENDS: New Rules, New Landmines, with IBM Software Licensing by Brian Gross

View the full ACE Schedule here.