IAITAM would like to thank these ITAM professionals taking the time to share their expertise at the #IAITAMACE. Join us in San Diego on May 23 from 10 – 11 AM for the following sessions.

  • Putting SAM & ITAM at the center of a brave new technology world by Matt Fisher
  • Hardware Assets: A Round Table by Julia Stenz
  • The Alphabet Soup: How to Stay Audit-Ready by Josh Mayfield
  • AI/ML & Cloud Disruption and Benefits for Enterprise Service Management by Muddu Sudhakar
  • Making the Most of What You Have: Building an Effective SAM Program by Molly McDevitt
  • Operational Assessments, Look and Ask Questions by Geoff Cottrell
  • Licensing Microsoft SQL Server and Windows Server by Ken Shaw
  • SAM as a Managed Service – is it right for me? by Craig Moore & Walter Darrough
  • “Nuts and Bolts” of Software Contracts by Jennah Michalik & Oksanna Malan

View the full ACE Schedule here.