IT Asset Management is ubiquitous in every industry, including charitable organizations like the American Red Cross. The Red Cross organizes blood drives, certifies students in CPR, installs smoke alarms, and provides disaster relief among other services. A recent disaster relief mission was to Butte County in California where the town of Paradise was decimated by a wildfire on November 8, 2018. The Red Cross hit the front lines with plenty of help for those in need: water, hot food, shelter, and even hot showers!  Thousands of people received aid thanks to the Red Cross. And, also thankfully, the Red Cross has a mature ITAM program to help it meet its goals.

Donors give money to the Red Cross, and volunteers give their time. Behind all of those people is the infrastructure of the organization. That infrastructure is made up of the Board of Governors, the finance department, human resources and IT, among others. Although the employees in those departments are not necessarily on the front lines, they still play an important part in the Red Cross’ mission. They are the steady, strong, supportive foundations.

IT Asset Management is one such foundation. It manages assets that the charity cannot operate without. Thanks to ITAM, hardware assets such as computer monitors, printers, and hard drives are acquired efficiently from the ideal vendor with both value and savings in mind. Because of ITAM, the software assets are installed properly and meticulously licensed.  Such software located on the hardware allows the Red Cross to deploy help when there is a natural disaster. Mobile assets are also taken care of, ensuring that the boots on the ground can communicate. Inventory is tracked, legal risks are mitigated, and assets are properly disposed of at the end of the lifecycle. ITAM minimizes risks and maximizes benefits so that the Red Cross can continue its humanitarian missions.

IAITAM is proud to be a leader in the IT Asset Management industry and in its family-like community. The services provided to the IAITAM corporate, individual, and provider members enable mature ITAM programs that help hundreds of organizations, including charities. With ITAM’s support, the Red Cross will continue to serve people in need.

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