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Data Management like a Pro: How to collect all the data you need for successful SAM results

Since good, clean data is the foundation for successful SAM, it’s critical to know where your data sources are and how to collect and organize that information. Learn more on Wednesday, July 15th at 11am ET. Register for the webinar

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Keys to a Successful SAM Tool Implementation

What are the keys to a successful SAM tool implementation? We’ll go through each of these in great detail: 1- Selection 2- Implementation 3- Baseline 4- Optimization Whether you’re well on your way to SAM maturity or just getting started, this webinar is for you. Register today and reserve your spot

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Take Control of Your Next Microsoft EA

Directions On Microsoft’s (DOM) Licensing Boot Camp is now in a virtual format, with 18 hours of training spanning 5 days.  The virtual Licensing Boot Camp includes the content of the EA Negotiation Workshop to ensure you learn the strategies and critical actions you need to optimize your Microsoft agreements and keep your company compliant without

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How artificial intelligence and machine learning are advancing ITAM

Check out this blog to learn more about how SHI’s 365 Cost Optimization Services use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help customers optimize their Microsoft and Office 365 cloud spend. Check Out the Full Article

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How the Service Desk can Utilize Self Service to Become a Lean Machine

If your organization is struggling with high ticket volumes, long response times or if you are one of the many service desks looking for ways to decrease ticket numbers and increase productivity, then our upcoming webinar has been created just for you.

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IT Asset Management- A 360° View into ITAM for Cost Savings, Cost Avoidance and Value Optimization

SHI's experts will help IT leaders understand how to leverage IT Asset Management to support demands from the top to cut IT costs and optimize value.

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Why Now is the Time for IT to Embrace Self-Service Solutions

With a sudden shift to remote working the already busy service desk is now overwhelmed with an influx of tickets, meaning now is a better time than ever to start looking implementing a self-service solution.

By |2020-05-15T13:37:34-04:00May 15th, 2020|The "iN" Report|0 Comments
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