Tim Farrow

Chief Operating Officer, Apto Solutions

COO of Apto Solutions, Tim is a champion of the company’s mission to help businesses across industries address environmental, data, and financial risks caused by the quickening pace of technological change. His understanding of global trends inspires a vision for the ITAD industry, embodying a strong 50-year policy balancing environmental and economic prosperity. Tim provides vital leadership; aligning departments, improving processes, driving profitable growth, and delivering outstanding client service to some of the world’s biggest companies. Whether implementing new ways to improve operations, or develop staff, he represents Apto’s ethos of hard work, commitment to quality, and entrepreneurial spirit.


Topic: Disposal

May 19, 2:30-3:30 PM ET

IT Asset Manager’s Guide to Selecting the Right Disposition Partner

To ensure that your disposition partner is checking the important boxes, we’ll review our guide to use as a checklist when reviewing your current vendor or evaluating new ones. The guide includes:

  • Track Record for Project Execution
  • Ability to Adapt to Your Project Needs
  • Verified Third-Party Certifications
  • Evidence of Data Destruction
  • Applicable Core Service Capabilities
  • Geographical Presence
  • Client Services Support Structure
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