As technology gets more complicated and vendors expand their offerings, the overlap between features in different vendor packages or offerings also increases. MathWorks, in particular, now has over 100 toolboxes, making it difficult to determine which ones are truly needed in an organization.

Join us on March 16 at 11 AM ET as VersionBay Co-Founder, Gareth Thomas shares his experience in effectively tracking the usage of MATLAB and its different Toolboxes, and discusses the value that software usage metering brings to the company.

About the Speaker

Gareth Thomas is one of the Co-Founders of VersionBay with the vision to empower companies to make the most of their software stacks. He is mainly responsible for Business Development, Sales and Marketing. In his past role, he helped develop the EMEA MathWorks channels by partnering with several companies to expand and develop their reach into the academic market. During the last 2 years the number of MATLAB users increased by a factor of 4.

Gareth is very passionate about technology and is fueled by enthusiastic new ideas and thoughts. The decision to start VersionBay is due to his continuous will to embrace change, to adapt and to live life with no regrets.

Gareth was born in Johannesburg but has lived in 7 different countries, of which his favorite country was Macau. He loves traveling and exploring new places with different people. One of the most marking moments in his life was when he traveled alone to New York. While walking in the streets of Manhattan he realized that anything would be possible if you really want it.

He started his career after graduating in 2005, as a MSc. Electrical Engineer – specialized in Control Theory from Instituto Superior Técnico (now known as Técnico Lisboa). It was during his time at University that he was first exposed to MATLAB.

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