The average resale value of retired laptops is $83.59 (up 7.3% from last year). There’s been a 23% increase in employees using their phones for work last year. Two-thirds of firms track their network devices to final disposition. Learn more about these statistics and other IT Asset Disposition trends as Neil Peters-Michaud (CHAMP, MBA, CEO of Cascade Asset Management) walks through findings from the 4th Annual ITAD Benchmarking Report. 

This report was built from data compiled through (1) a November 2017 survey that represented organizations with a collective employment of more than 160,000 people, (2) an evaluation of more than 259,000 assets processed for refurbishment and recycling in 2017, and (3) a review of related industry research. 

This year’s report provides data on resale values, disposition trends, and policy decisions that can help organizations further develop their ITAM and ITAD programs to better mitigate risk, lower overall program costs, and optimize the use of IT assets. 

As a benchmarking tool, the annual report allows organizations to compare their disposition activities to others in order to further improve their systems. Participants will get a copy to the report and links to more detailed information and resources. So join IAITAM and Neil Peters-Michaud discuss the report and how it provides value to your organization.


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