“The Building Blocks to ITAM Maturity” ­– What does that even mean?

Everything that has ever been built started with a single block, one single element. Masterpieces like the Golden Gate Bridge, the CN Tower and the Pyramids of Giza all started with one block. Similarly, an ITAM program starts with a single block, one small step. Gain the building blocks you need to help mature your ITAM Program. Every breakout session, keynote and conversation with your peers at the IAITAM European ACE are the building blocks that will help you to build your ITAM Program.

This year the ACE is being held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and the city fits perfectly with the theme and ITAM itself. This grand city was built one building, one bridge, one canal at a time. Now, canals flow throughout the entire city, just like how ITAM touches every part of the business. Bridges connect the city, just like how ITAM connects security, IT, procurement, legal and other departments to help achieve business goals.

Take the next step towards ITAM Maturity and register for the IAITAM ACE today!

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