What is IT Asset Management (ITAM)?

Simply put, IT Asset Management is a set of business practices that incorporates IT assets across the business units within the organization. It joins the financial, inventory, contractual and risk management responsibilities to manage the overall life cycle of these assets including tactical and strategic decision making.

IT Asset Management is an investment that provides substantial and measurable benefits for short, medium, and long-term needs and goals. Trained IT Asset Management professionals have the ability to introduce best practices that deliver real value to the organization, whether facing a software audit or preparing for a merger.

In the average work environment, technology exists at every turn. Desktop computers with monitors or laptops complete with a host of software titles can be found in every office or work area along with a smartphone and VoIP telephone. A short distance away you will find networked printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines and servers. Perhaps your organization has adopted Cloud services in hopes of reducing costs and risks.

This technology handles the majority of the work executed daily for the organization and more importantly, your customers depend on it, yet the importance of this technology is taken for granted, and furthermore, the management of it is underestimated and misunderstood. The reality is that this technology fuels the organization and represents a major investment and is critical to the revenue stream. Every dollar made by your organization is touched by technology!

ITAM delivers services to everyone in the organization in order to facilitate business success.

“…our team…saving the company $8.3M in maintenance and support costs for both hardware and software for a period of one year. Our understanding of software contracts terms and conditions as well as software licenses types aided us in transferring existing contracts, licenses and hardware assets while ensuring that we stay within our entitlements.”

-Sherri Cart, CSAM, a member of VeriSign, Inc.’s Asset Lifecycle Management team

Areas IT Asset Management

Software Asset Management

Hardware Asset Management

Mobile Asset Management

Cloud Asset Management

IT Asset Management closes the gaps through a service perspective built on processes, policies and people. Since ITAM is focused on value, coordinating and improving existing processes is step one in adopting an ITAM program. Systems, data and resources are assessed and reasonable actions are taken to incorporate best practices. Each project closes gaps and uncovers savings opportunities.

Long term value from ITAM best practices includes:

  • Overall cost reduction
  • Improved software compliance
  • Empowered IT security
  • Better customer service such as preparing for new hires before that person reports to work
  • Increased control over IT assets
  • Improved communications and understanding between IT and other departments
  • Reduced governance risks from legislated requirements
  • Increased support for security and disaster recovery preparedness
  • Improved budgeting and other strategic decision making processes
IT Asset Management Training
Networking Events
Software Training
Hardware Training
Mobile Training

ITAM bridges the gap between technology requirements and business needs.
The customers for IT Asset Management are everyone within the organization. That means that each department’s goals influence what ITAM does. An effective ITAM program unifies departments to work collectively towards organizational goals AND incorporates departmental goals. ITAM is the missing link between IT and the business.

“Since my completion of the CITAM training and certification course I have been able to save the United States Marine Corps over $1.2 million dollars from incorporating the knowledge I was able to bring back from the CITAM course.”

-Don Brookins, CITAM of the United States Marine Corps

Make the Most of Existing Processes, Systems and Policies

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