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New Orleans
May 11-13, 2016

ITAM – The Art of Business

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  • The Dirty Problem of CRT Glass

    The Dirty Problem of CRT Glass

    By Dan Ingouf While attending the 2015 IAITAM ACE in San Diego, CA, I found myself in the midst of enjoyable and informative conversations with members and vendors.  In one conversation about disposal, the topic of types of IT equipment and disposal methods came up and my curiosity was piqued by the comment “we don’t see ...more

  • Turning Up the Heat on E-Waste

    Turning Up the Heat on E-Waste

    Cleaning up the planet is a big job and unfortunately, electronic waste (including organizational IT equipment) is a major contributor to the problem.  Although the exact amount of illegal e-waste is unknown, the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) suggests that 60 - 90% of e-waste is being illegally traded or dumped, costing countries as much ...more

  • Erasure Method for Mobile Devices - Understanding the Options by Type of Device

    Erasure Method for Mobile Devices - Understanding the Options by Type of Device

    By Ryan Laber & Steve Manalac, Arrow Value Recovery The proliferation of smartphones and tablets within the enterprise is prompting many asset managers and other IT professionals to examine their data destruction strategy.  According to a recent Gartner report, by 2017 the majority of end-point data breaches will shift from personal computing to smartphones and tablets. ...more


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  • Shining Light on Shadow IT

    Shining Light on Shadow IT

    Shadow IT is sliding organizations back into IT financial and contractual chaos and has the potential to slow the organization’s productive use of new strategies.  IT was undoubtedly slow to move at the cloud’s pace at first, but after six years, that should not be the case.  Confusion is also not a natural consequence of ...more


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  • Mobilizing the ITAM Solution - Five Steps to a Solid Business Case

    Mobilizing the ITAM Solution - Five Steps to a Solid Business Case

    By Nasrin Azari, Mobile Reach ITAK V10 I4 Building a Business Case If you are interested in a mobile solution for your ITAM program — one that incorporates barcode scanning and/or RFID for data capture by your IT Asset Managers while they are working in the IT environment — you are probably excited about the obvious benefits that ...more