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  • Microsoft EA Approaching?

    Microsoft EA Approaching?

    Get up-to-speed fast with our 2-day Microsoft Licensing Boot Camp in Washington DC, April 18 – 19, 2018. This intensive training will equip you with the critical knowledge you need to drive maximum value from your Microsoft purchases and avoid mistakes that could cost your company millions. More Information: ...more

  • Thanks to Aspera, Gold Sponsor at IAITAM ACE!

    Thanks to Aspera, Gold Sponsor at IAITAM ACE!

    Join IAITAM and Aspera at the 2018 Spring ACE May 8-10 in Orlando, FL where all can network, share experiences and take away methods that will bring about success, create efficiencies, reduce redundancy and uncover true savings! Register today at At Aspera, we simplify the complexity of software licenses. For nearly two decades, we have empowered large companies ...more

ITAM Education and Networking

Disposal Management Articles on ITAK

  • The 2017 Scoop on e-Scrap and ITAM

    The 2017 Scoop on e-Scrap and ITAM

    Attending a conference is an excellent barometer for determining the pressures impacting a specific industry. The E-Scrap conference this fall was a great opportunity to take a look at the trends pressuring ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) vendors and their downstream counterparts. To make good choices for the organization’s constant outflow of unwanted computing devices, due ...more

  • Five Reasons Why Great ITAD is Like a Great Restaurant

    Five Reasons Why Great ITAD is Like a Great Restaurant

    From the outside looking in, most diners seem interchangeable. The provide affordable food, they often sport the same neon-clad decor and they will all have the same Certificate of Health and Safety framed behind the cash register. When you sit down, you’ll be handed laminated menus that will offer the same dishes as the diner ...more

  • Ethical ITAD - Doing the Right Thing

    Ethical ITAD - Doing the Right Thing

    Data security and The EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are dominating many industry conversations right now. With all the focus on data security and the obvious financial pressures on businesses to reduce costs, a lot of people forget one of the other most important considerations when IT equipment is at the end of its ...more


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Acquisition Management Articles on ITAK

  • SAM 101 and the Secret for Success

    SAM 101 and the Secret for Success

    Success means different things to different people. By way of definition, success is achieving the correct or desired result. For a professional athlete, success means winning or performing at his or her very best. For a professional musician, success means performing a piece perfectly or stirring emotion in the audience. For a writer, success is ...more

  • Using Six Sigma to make your SAM Team Invaluable

    Using Six Sigma to make your SAM Team Invaluable

    It is always the constant challenge for any manager to ensure that their team and the efforts of their team are viewed by leadership as an indispensable part of the organization. There is the continual need to validate why the team exists and why you have the staffing you do. Then there is the constant ...more

  • The Risks of Evergreen IT

    The Risks of Evergreen IT

    Who doesn’t like Green? As a gardener, you prefer healthy plants, typically indicated by a lush green color of their leaves. In areas with cold or dry season, some plants have adapted to the climate and shed their leaves. Before this happens the leaves turn yellow, brown, sometimes red. This is part of a natural cycle ...more

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IAITAM courses are accepted around the globe as the industry benchmark for excellence in ITAM education. An IAITAM Certification award shows the IT world that the holder is an IT professional that is prepared to handle the tasks necessary for the role of IT Asset Manager.

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Program Management Articles on ITAK

  • When Business-Led IT Meets ITAM

    When Business-Led IT Meets ITAM

    Business-Led IT is rising in popularity among companies in every industry and market segment. The central concept of business-led IT is enabling the business to direct what technologies should be adopted to meet their specific business needs. In the past, this had been solely the realm of IT- but with the increasing availability of cloud-based ...more

  • Congratulations! You're Responsible for ITAM....Now What?

    Congratulations! You're Responsible for ITAM....Now What?

    Many of us fall into our ITAM roles without a lot of preparation, or notice. Even if we know what to do, we don’t know how to achieve our intended goals due to limited resources (budget, people, tools, etc.) to start, or a mature ITAM program that may already be in place. The key to ...more

  • ILMT: A Gateway to SAM

    ILMT: A Gateway to SAM

    If anyone tells you IBM software licensing is simple to work with, they are pulling your leg. In fact, at one of the organizations I’ve worked for, we had a slightly snarky but good-natured comment that came up occasionally in our meetings with our IBM partners: “Have I ever told you just how complicated IBM ...more


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