Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be an IAITAM Member?
Being an IAITAM Member means that you are a leader in expanding the practitioner’s community. We are dedicated to growing the knowledge and best practices of the profession, allowing you to become a part of a global community with access to a specialized peer network. Being an IAITAM member also grants you validation in the profession and the ability to distinguish yourself as a rising star in the industry!

What are the benefits of being an IAITAM Member?
Countless benefits are available to members of the IAITAM community, including:

  • Increased value on all IAITAM products
  • Networking and engagement opportunities
  • Access to IMUG meetings and webinars
  • Involvement in shaping the ITAM profession

These are great benefits that every member will enjoy, and at the Corporate and Provider membership levels, there are even more benefits available!

How do I justify the price of membership?
Whether purchased by your organization or individually, the benefits of being an IAITAM Member are too valuable to dismiss! Individual memberships are $1/day and grant you access to all of the core member benefits that IAITAM has to offer. If you’re looking to train an entire organization or team on the benefits and best practices of an ITAM program, the added value and savings offered by the Corporate and Provider memberships are able to justify their costs innately.

  • Corporate: 40% off
  • Individual: 25% off
  • Provider: 40% off

How do I access/use my discounted membership pricing?
Once you or your organization becomes an IAITAM member, you’ll receive an email with a promotion code. That code is used to access the special member pricing that’s available. Ensure this code is applied at checkout to receive your special member pricing!


What certifications does IAITAM offer?
IAITAM offers a wide range of educational options. Currently, IAITAM offers 7 different certification options:

  • CAMP – The IAITAM Certified Asset Management Professional course is designed to impart an extensive overview of IT Asset Management best practices and processes as well as ways to embrace multiple organizational frameworks such as ITAM & IT Service Management.
  • CSAM – The IAITAM Certified Software Asset Manager course is a program that teaches how to manage software assets, understand changing variables in the industry, formulate plans to reach the goals of organizations, and more!
  • CHAMP – The IAITAM Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional course discusses business practices that can be used to manage IT hardware assets efficiently and cost-effectively. It gives special attention to policies that enhance lifecycle management.
  • CMAM – The IAITAM Certified Mobile Asset Manager course focuses on the management of mobile devices, whether they are organizational-owned assets or employee-owned assets. The course will prepare students with the knowledge to manage personnel, policies, and processes, the key elements in organizational IT management.
  • CITAD – The IAITAM Certificated IT Asset Disposition course prepares individuals to manage the IT asset disposal process within an organization. Best practices are broken down from policy management, data security to chain of custody transitioning. Individuals learn how to avoid the risk of data loss and public exposure that surround a breakdown in ITAD process management.
  • CAMSE – The IAITAM Certified Asset Management Security Expert course teaches individuals how to bridge the gap between ITAM and IT security processes. Attendees learn how to incorporate security strategies throughout the ITAM policies, processes, and procedures so that ITAM enhances the security program and improves the applicable administration.
  • CITAM – The Certified IT Asset Manager course teaches attendees about the entire ITAM Program, allowing them to take away the foundation plan for starting or improving their own organization’s ITAM Program. The intense three-day course is filled with information and real-world experiences designed to make your ITAM Program more effective and efficient.

How long is a certification class?
Each of our Certification Courses range from 1 to 3 days, depending on the course. Every course is filled with knowledge and real-world best practices that will improve any practitioner’s operation, taking you to the next level!

Do any of the Certification Courses have prerequisites?
IAITAM does not have prerequisites for Certification Courses, but some courses are more advanced than others. Our ITAM Foundations Course, CAMP, is ideal for the new or novice practitioner. The CITAM Certification Course is designed for the advanced ITAM Program Manager.

How do I acquire my class materials, such as my Certification Manual or Presentation book?
You will be able to download electronic materials from our online bookstore two business days prior to your course. This allows for easy access throughout your training! Printed materials are available for purchase as well.
If you are part of an in-person certification course, you will receive a complimentary physical copy of the materials when you arrive on your first day.


Please contact us via email or by calling +1 330-628-3012 if you are in this situation and we will be happy to assist you!


What is the purpose of recertification?
Recertification is a continuing education program by IAITAM that ensures the value and prestige of the IAITAM Certification. It is required to maintain good standing with IAITAM and is intended to allow an ITAM Practitioner to keep their certifications valid while also being streamlined and easily accessible. With ITAM practitioners moving jobs and meeting/exceeding corporate demands placed on them every single, it’s comforting to have the opportunity to refresh foundational knowledge and skills.

How do I attain my Recertification?
To attain Recertification, a review is accompanied by a 20 question quiz that must be taken before your Recertification Due Date. Your due date can be found by visiting MY ACCOUNT PAGE. Upon successful purchase, you will recieve an email on the first of the month that your recertification is due. From there, you will have 30 calendar days to complete the quiz. The quiz must be taken until a score of 100% is achieved

How often do I have to recertify?
Recertification happens on an annual basis. Fortunantely, only 1 recertification examination is required to maintain all current certifications.

What happens if I don’t recertify in time?
If you don’t recertify in time, your certifications expire. A grace period of six months from certification expiration provides an opportunity to recertify by taking the full certification exam for each certification you held. After the six month window, the full class and exam must be retaken.

Please contact us via email or by calling +1 330-628-3012 if you are in this situation and we will be happy to assist you!

What happens when I recertify?
When you recertify, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your Recertification Certificate as well as your future recertification dates. The certificate signifies that you are Certified for another year in all of the IAITAM certifications held.

Exam Requirements

Can I take an exam without taking a Certification Course?
IAITAM Certification Courses are designed to provide a level of education that is both unique and filled with real-world solutions. The exams are crafted to test the student’s knowledge about the course as well as the ITAM profession. As such, students need to be prepared with the information contained in the course to pass the exam.

How long do I have to take the exam?
IAITAM understands that every student is also a practitioner as well as an individual who has a life outside of work. With that in mind, we decided to provide an ample amount of time for the student to take their exam on their schedule. That’s why the exam period for each Certification Course is 14 calendar days.

When is the exam available post-course?
Education is best retained when it is practiced and tested as close to the classroom instruction as possible. As such, IAITAM opens the examination process on the last day of class near the end of training. This provides students with the best possible chance of being successful on their exam.

What are the terms and conditions for a certification exam?

  • Online certification testing is available for students starting at 8 AM following the last day of class; from this point the exam will be open for 14 calendar days. However, it is suggested to take the exam as soon as possible following the course.
  • Testing requires non-interrupted internet connection and may be taken at any time during the open period; once a test is started, students are required to complete it during that session and are permitted up to 3 hours to complete.
  • One hundred (100) questions are on the IAITAM Certification Exams and a passing mark is achieved by attaining 85% or higher.
  • Exam results are available immediately after completing the exam within the IAITAM Exam Center.
  • One test retake is free of charge for those that fail to achieve pass status on the first attempt; retakes are available after a 24 hour window of the first attempt and must be completed during the 14 day open period. If the second attempt is unsuccessful, one exam set may be repurchased at non-member pricing. No discounts apply.
  • If a student is unable to complete the exam and retake (if needed) within their 14 day window, a one-time seven (7) day extension can be purchased for $50USD; this option must be completed before the initial 14 day window expires.
  • If certification is not achieved or exam time frame lapses then students will have one year to purchase the exam again. After one year has expired, the course and the exam must be purchased and may be acquired at membership pricing.
Education Center

I’m having trouble logging into the Education Center
Sorry you’re having trouble! To troubleshoot the problem we encourage you to verify the link which can be found in your email. Also, please verify that you are using the correct email address and confirm that the testing window has not expired, which is 14 days. Lastly, a password reset may be necessary. If these troubleshooting steps do not work, IAITAM is here to help! Call and speak with your Member Services Representative. We are always eager to assist with any problems!

Can I see what questions I missed?
IAITAM does not highlight specific questions or return a full report of the certification exam. The exam center does not provide a testing report for individual students.

How many attempts do I have left?
Every student receives two attempts to pass the exam. These attempts are listed within the exam center. Select your exam and scroll to the bottom where you can find the link allowing access to an exam attempt. Once there, attempts are displayed towards the center of the screen. If you are having trouble, please reach out to us and we will readily help!

How do I find my exam?
All exams are accessible through the IAITAM Exam Center.


Are there any prerequisites or pathways required for Certification Courses?
No, IAITAM does not have any prerequisites when taking Certification Courses. However, some courses, such as the CITAM course, are more advanced and in-depth than others. As such, IAITAM recommends that you have some experience or prior IAITAM certifications before taking the CITAM course.

How can I take an IAITAM Certification Course?
Registration is easy! You can select a certification course to attend by registering for the event most convenient for you. Or, IAITAM Member Services is ready to assist anyone with finding the class that is the best fit for them. Call us today!

How does IAITAM training differ from ITIL/COBIT/etc.?
There are numerous certification standards within the IT industry. IAITAM’s IT Asset Management Certifications are the only certification standards that apply real-world knowledge and practical applications to a practitioner’s everyday responsibilities. After attending an IAITAM Certification Course, students will have actionable data and ideas they can implement immediately into their organization!


What is the ACE (Annual Conference and Exhibition)?
The Annual Conference and Exhibition is the only education and networking event in the world that is solely dedicated to IT Asset Management. Held all over the world, IAITAM’s ACE events cater to both U.S. and EU customers with a conference in each location. As an international organization, we give every member around the world an opportunity to network and engage with us as well as one another, no matter where they are located!

When can I attend an ACE event?
The 2024 IAITAM Annual Conference & Exhibition will be held April 22-24, 2024 in Las Vegas, NV.

What topics are covered at ACE?
Each ACE has a collection of speakers pulled from the top practitioners and industry experts in the world. Topics range based on industry trends and the mature growth of the IT Asset Management discipline. ITAM Security, Vendor Management, Case Studies of ITAM Programs, Cloud, and much more are frequent topics. With dozens of speakers at each ACE event, you will always find something of interest!

What is included with my ACE pass?
Every ACE pass will include access to the educational events and workshops as well as access to industry leading vendors in our expo hall. When possible, meals are also provided. And we are known for our outstanding food! Additionally, IAITAM’s ACE events are legendary for their networking opportunities as well as their themed festivities. We look forward to seeing you there!

How do I become a speaker for ACE?
IAITAM places what we term a Call for Speakers where we ask interested participants to submit a Speaker Submission Form. Once submitted, an internal review takes place. If approved, you will be contacted and congratulated as being one of the speakers for the upcoming ACE!

What is an IAITAM Road Show?
These 1-day, fast-paced, vendor-neutral, educational events led by IAITAM’s team of Subject Matter Experts take place in various cities throughout the world. These are some of our favorite events as we get to bring the knowledge and networking to you! Find a full list of upcoming road shows on our website!

ITAK (IT Asset Knowledge)
  • What is the ITAK?
    The IT Asset Knowledge (ITAK) is an online knowledgebase comprised of over 600+ articles and case studies specifically related to the IT Asset Management profession. IAITAM ACE Speakers, industry experts, top worldwide vendors, and IAITAM content creators and educators all participate in the ITAK.

    How do I submit an article for ITAK?
    Navigate to the ITAK website then click Submit an Article in the top menu bar. If not logged in, a login box will appear (note: log in using credentials). Review the terms and conditions and check the box reserved for acceptance of the terms to reveal the submission form. Complete the form with the pertinent information and you’re done!

    What are the requirements for article submission?
    Beyond the accompanying terms and conditions, articles need to be educational in nature, a minimum of 500 words, and free of any marketing or sales initiatives.

    Who has access to the ITAK?
    ITAK is a database that is open to everyone! IAITAM believes that the profession is best guided through open and transparent sharing of information. By inviting everyone to read and learn about IT Asset Management, organizations are able to see where IT Asset Management best fits into their organization and the profession is benefited as a whole!

ATO Program

What is an ATO?
An Accredited Training Organization (ATO) is an organization that has been approved to teach IAITAM’s Certification Courses. This is determined through IAITAM’s stringent certification requirements as well as APMG International’s global accreditation process.

What does an ATO do?
ATOs teach IAITAM’s Certification Courses throughout the world! They are the best of the best. To become a Certified Trainer for an ATO, you must successfully complete the Train the Trainer course and pass the exam. There also is a certification body which supports IAITAM and the ATOs in their efforts. APMG is the certifying body for IAITAM, helping to ensure there is a high standard of education for IAITAM’s Certification Courses throughout the world.

How do I learn more about the ATO Program?
If you are interested in becoming an ATO, contact an IAITAM ATO representative. We are ready and eager to get you started!


Who is IAITAM?
IAITAM (International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers, Inc.) is a professional organization for individuals and organizations involved in any aspect of ITAM. To put it plainly, we handle the business side of technology. Our goal is to educate, not litigate.

Who is “Dr. Barb”?
Barbara Rembiesa is someone that understands the need for standardized ITAM. As the CEO, president, and founder of IAITAM, she does everything she can to provide knowledge and advice to the community. Coming up with the craziest and most creative ideas, she continues to revolutionize how ITAM is done. Her vision is to help others, changing lives in the process.

How did IAITAM start?
IAITAM started humbly in 1998 when a group of software and hardware asset managers met around a small kitchen table to discuss the critical need for a centralized organization for ITAM. Officially incorporated in 2002, IAITAM has saved organizations millions and continues to save them more.

What does it mean to be a part of IAITAM?
Being a part of IAITAM means being a part of a community that has a goal to change lives. Each of our roles is as important as the other, with the focus centralized on helping organizations around the globe, big and small, in all industries and sectors. When you are a part of IAITAM, you are changing the world