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Flexera Software

Normalized Inventory—the Common Foundation for SAM and Security

Available December 1st

Normalized software inventory data, covering all devices and platforms across the IT estate, is the common foundation for both Software Asset Management (SAM) and Security. Software vulnerability management tools use this data to determine where known vulnerabilities exist in the environment so they can be remediated to reduce security risk. SAM tools use the normalized software data to drive rationalization and consolidation of the portfolio, remove unauthorized applications and determine license compliance positions. As software asset managers, you can provide this critical data to the security team while also reducing license compliance risk and the unbudgeted costs associated with audits.

Visit Flexera Software at www.flexerasoftware.com/SLO.


2016 Aspera Market Study: Global Practices of Strategic SAM – Insights from over 400 SAM Professionals

Available December 1st

The 2016 Market Study will provide you with valuable insights from over 400 SAM professionals on how they are implementing Software Asset Management, what problems they are dealing with, and what key goals they are pursuing plus tips and tricks for your organization’s success with SAM.
Key insights include:

  • Good SAM takes time
  • SAM is mostly an in-house pursuit
  • Most manage less than 50 vendors
  • Don’t forget servers
  • DACH is leading the world in SAM maturity
  • 75% have been audited in the last 24 months
  • Complexity and lack of resources are key blockers
  • SAM tool adoption is limited

Visit Aspera at www.aspera.com.

Mobile Reach

Using Mobile Apps to Prevent Failed Audits

Available December 2nd

Using mobile apps to prevent failed audits enables tighter control from a business perspective and an easier process from an end-user perspective. The possible benefits that can be achieved are numerous, including:

  1. Rapid, accurate reading of barcoded data through the use of a barcode scanner attached to the user’s mobile device
  2. Timely data capture as users are immediately tracking their actions as they perform their tasks
  3. Consistent data capture through the use of a guided and controlled user interface, using drop-list selections, smart-scanning barcode fields, etc.
  4. Complete data capture for all mobile tasks by using one or more task-oriented mobile apps that force the end-user to follow a required process
    Read this white paper and learn how to pass IT asset audits with flying colors!

Visit Mobile Reach at www.mobilereach.com.


Licensing Oracle Database Products

Available December 2nd

The webinar will cover software licensing for Oracle database products. Products covered include Enterprise Edition and SE2 databases. We will review the license metrics, rules and demonstrate how to achieve compliance for these products. An excellent way to prepare for your upcoming audit.

Visit Belarc at www.belarc.com.

Cascade Asset Management

Breach New Heights – The Role of ITAM in Preventing a Data Breach

Available December 5th

The Office for Civil Rights in the US Department of Health and Human Services is deep in its Phase 2 HIPAA audits. It’s also continuing to assess multimillion dollar fines for improper data management of ePHI throughout the lifecycle of IT assets at healthcare facilities. Whether you work in the healthcare environment or any other industry that manages sensitive customer or user data, this session will provide information from industry leaders about how to set up proper controls and systems to prevent and respond to suspected data breaches.

Visit Cascade Asset Management, LLC at www.cascade-assets.com.

Cascade Asset Management

Data Destruction Demystified: Understanding D.O.D. Standards and Certifications

Available December 5th

It is critical that every IT director and CIO institute a formal process that ensures all sensitive data contained on storage media is thoroughly erased and/or destroyed prior to disposal or reuse of the equipment.

In the Data Destruction Demystified white paper, Liquid Technology explains the importance of data destruction and which steps your organization should take to keep your data safe.

Visit Liquid Technology at LiquidTechnology.net.


Fonts? You mean I have to worry about compliance there too?

Available December 6th

The practice of hardware and software asset management is well known, yet still challenging – but what about other types of assets you aren’t yet managing that expose you to risk? Did you know 50% of creatives bring personal fonts into the workplace? This session will discuss why it’s crucial to include font management in your best practices; how you can become compliant with the T’s & C’s of your providers; and provide some guidance about how to handle this often overlooked challenge.

Visit Extensis at www.extensis.com.

License Dashboard

Conquering Challenges and Changes in Autodesk Licensing

Available December 6th

Everyone has experienced challenges with keeping up with their software licenses. In today’s market, it is even more difficult because of the rapidly changing licensing from all vendors but especially Autodesk. There are major changes in Autodesk licensing, upgrades and support. In this webinar, we will discuss the various license types for Autodesk and the pros and cons of each. We will point out strategies to help you optimize your license position when determining license levels with the new licensing types. Stand-alone, concurrent, perpetual, subscription, tokens… where does your company fit into this matrix?

This webinar is a must see for anyone managing Autodesk licensing regardless of where you are in your contract. This heads up will be valuable to anyone negotiating, purchasing or using Autodesk licenses.

Visit Open iT, Inc. at www.openit.com.

Iron Mountain

IT Asset Disposal: How Far Should You Go to Protect Your Assets?

Available December 7th

When disposing of IT assets, how far does an organization have to go? How can you be sure that a particular asset has been securely and safely recycled, remarketed or destroyed? This article offers key questions to consider when vetting an outside provider for the task of IT asset disposal.

Visit Iron Mountain at www.ironmountain.com.

Dynamic Recycling

Knowing your ITAD Vendor

Available December 7th

With technology use increasing and equipment being updated frequently, more technology is being disposed of. This has contributed to a surge of ITAD vendors in the marketplace. Choosing the right vendor to assist with decommissioning your IT Assets is critical. It is important to know your electronics will be properly recycled and your sensitive data will remain secure. Asking key questions and knowing information regarding their processes, security, certifications and remarketing is essential. This white paper will review the critical questions to ask and what information needs to known about your ITAD vendor.

Visit Dynamic Recycling at www.dynamicitad.com.

Visit Eracent at www.eracent.com.

License Dashboard

Software Asset Management – Much More than Inventory

Available December 8th

As an industry, Software Asset Management hasn’t really helped itself in the last ten years. For a start there’s a self-perpetuating confusion over terminology: Software Asset Management (SAM), Inventory, Software License Management, Compliance, Discovery, Application Management… they’re all the same thing really, right?

Well, no. In fact, definitely No.

But many so-called experts are guilty of hiding behind jargon or substituting clarity for confusion either to make themselves look more clever, or perhaps to sell you technology you don’t need.
This guide will break through the smoke and mirrors to demystify some of the terminology around Software Asset Management. In particular, it will highlight one of the main confusions – that Software Asset Management and Inventory are not the same thing.

Visit License Dashboard at www.licensedashboard.com.

License Dashboard

Software Usage and Waste Report 2016

Available December 9th

The new Software Usage and Waste Report from 1E offers an unprecedented insight into the modern enterprise desktop, and more information than ever before into how much the average business is squandering on unused software.

  • The report builds on previous 1E studies into this area by increasing the number of participating devices to 4.6 million (an increase of one million), expanding the study to encompass 149 organizations and 16 different industries in all.
  • It gives a snapshot of global, regional and industry specific waste levels.
  • The study reveals, for the first time, those applications that are most widely deployed among the survey’s participating businesses, the applications most likely to go unused, and those costing businesses the most money.
  • Last but not least, it provides guidance for enterprises looking to seize the financial opportunity implicit in the high waste levels.

Visit 1E at www.1e.com.


BDNA 2016 State of the Enterprise Report – Breaking Away from the Vicious Vendor Audit Cycle

Available December 12th

Vendor software and hardware audits have become so common in the enterprise IT landscape that they are beginning to be accepted as “business as usual.”

BDNA®, the leader in creating the most authoritative enterprise technology data, released a report that unveils realities of scrupulous license audit practices and common management missteps, including steps on how to avoid audits altogether. The report, Breaking Away from the Vicious Vendor Audit Cycle, is the latest installment of BDNA’s quarterly State of the Enterprise reports that examine trending issues and priorities in enterprise IT management.

Visit BDNA at www.bdna.com.


Mergers & Acquisitions: 5 Software Asset Risks

Available December 13th

Many firms see acquisitions as a way to streamline operations and reduce costs, but corporate restructuring including mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures are riddled with software contract risks. This webinar will reveal 5 risks for Oracle customers involved in the M&A process. Oracle’s complex contracts are designed to limit licensing flexibility, and Oracle sales teams are trained to uncover and exploit any advantage to create leverage and drive up revenue. Not an Oracle customer? Don’t worry – this webinar is relevant to anyone undergoing a corporate restructure, even for non-Oracle users.

Visit Palisade Compliance at palisadecompliance.com.


Holistic Software Asset Management

Available December 14th

With the evolution of technology, many companies have been forced to go into more and more software in order to optimize their processes. However, Software asset management as such remains unclear to them. In this presentation, we aim to understand which function SAM can have in an organization and what its relation is to a variety of interfacing processes (procurement, change management, IT service management, legal, …). We will also look into how we can avoid incompliancy situations while running a SAM program, with lessons learned from software license compliance reviews, and give some insights on the SAM trends in the market and their evolution.

Visit Deloitte at www.deloitte.com/be.

Visit Sipi Asset Recovery at www.sipiar.com.

Sipi Asset Recovery

Licensing Windows Server 2016

Available December 16th

The DOM Licensing Guide for Windows Server 2016 clearly explains each change and outlines steps you can take now to minimize the impact on your organization.
Click here to download your copy of the Windows Server 2016 Licensing Guide.

Visit Directions on Microsoft at www.DirectionsonMicrosoft.com.

Visit LANDesk at www.landesk.com.

Sipi Asset Recovery

Enhancing Cybersecurity through Process Coordination Gray Paper

Available December 21st

Visit IAITAM at iaitam.org.