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Make your next EA renewal negotiation a fair fight

During your next EA negotiation, level the playing field by having Directions On Microsoft (DOM) experts at your side.  We bring an institutional understanding of Microsoft licensing rules and negotiation tactics that help you minimize the cost of your next EA and maximize your protection against future increases. Learn how DOM’s EA Negotiation Support

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Use of SaaS Applications in Enterprise Expected to Grow in Wake of Pandemic

COVID-19 has brought on new problems that organizations needed to face, along with new trends. SaaS models are predicted to be adapted into more organizations, even after remote workers return to the office. With more and more organizations turning to SaaS models, an IT Asset Manager may need to consider the different services and

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Summer of ITAM and IT Cost Optimization

IT Asset Management by SHI is proud to present its ‘Summer of ITAM and IT Cost Optimization’ Webinar Series focused on helping you with your journey from rapid IT enablement to optimization of IT spend.In this four-part series, SHI’s certified ITAM and Software Asset Management (SAM) experts cover key strategies to help you leverage IT Asset Management

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The Critical Need for Publisher – Specific Expertise

Join Anglepoint on August 11th , as Ron Brill, President & Chairman of Anglepoint, covers: 1- What is publisher-specific expertise in SAM 2- Why SAM cannot be successful without publisher-specific expertise 3- How is publisher-specific expertise acquired and maintained, and where can it be found 4- Practical advice: how and when to incorporate publisher-specific

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Australian Government Sues Google for Misleading Consumers in Data Collection

GDPR has rules specifically delegated to how customer data is collected and used, and it seems that Australia is progressing towards a stance that is similar to GDPR regulations. For IT Asset Managers that are a part of international organizations, monitoring the viewpoint Australia adopts is important so that they will be able to

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