The International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) is the largest organization providing education, certification and thought leadership to the management of IT as a business. IT Asset Management is the management of hardware, software, mobile and other technology to maximize the value to the organization.

Cloud computing vs. edge computing

One of the hardest parts of IT asset acquisition is knowing which asset will best suit the organization. There are many options out there, and even though some may seem to work well with other organizations, it might not work best with yours. The best way to know what would work best is to research

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How artificial intelligence and machine learning are advancing ITAM

Check out this blog to learn more about how SHI’s 365 Cost Optimization Services use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help customers optimize their Microsoft and Office 365 cloud spend. Check Out the Full Article

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Webinar: IBM Licensing: Spreadsheets, SAM tools or Services; what’s best?

When it comes to managing and optimizing millions of dollars in licensing, what’s the best approach? Do you do it manually with spreadsheets, can tools cope and are ‘expert’ services worth the money?

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Can Your Mobile Asset Management Program Withstand the Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus situation has stressed organizations around the world. Many have deferred to a work-from-home environment to help prevent the virus from spreading. The only way that this will be done successfully is with a mature Mobile Asset Management (MAM) program. Learn about MAM best practices to prepare for the growing issue.

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