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The International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) is the largest organization providing education, certification and thought leadership to the management of IT as a business. IT Asset Management is the management of hardware, software, mobile and other technology to maximize the value to the organization.

Make a Donation to Help Veterans!

Every year, IAITAM President and CEO Dr. Barb donates hundreds of books by favorite IAITAM ACE keynote Andy Andrews to VA hospitals across the nation. This year, she received a request from a VA hospital in Virginia for 10,000 books! She found out that they use the books as part of a program for

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Oracle ULA – What are the dangers and how do you avoid them?

An Oracle ULA (Unlimited License Agreement) is a time-based contract for unlimited use of a subset of agreed Oracle products. However, this “all you can eat” option often results in organizations paying significantly more for their Oracle licensing than they expected, which can lead to uncomfortable conversations with finance colleagues and senior management. Read

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Dr. Barb Explains IAITAM World

IAITAM World is the only 24/7 platform for ITAM professionals to connect, network, solve issues and innovate the future. Today we are chatting with IAITAM CEO & President Dr. Barbara Rembiesa to find out more about IAITAM World! Dr. Barb, how would you explain what IAITAM World is? IAITAM World is a

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Optimize and Manage Your AWS Cloud Spend

Billing – it can be one of the most complex and cumbersome functions when using AWS. In this webinar, you'll learn how to view and understand your cloud bill, potentially saving you up to 30% on AWS cloud services. Additionally, you’ll learn cost optimization techniques, tips for creating reporting and tagging structures, financial constructs for

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Managing the Transition to Autodesk Named User Licensing

Autodesk is moving from a serial number-based licensing model to a named user licensing scheme. Organizations need to understand the impact of this change on their environment and consider trade-in offers that Autodesk is promoting to support the transition. During the webinar we will: Explore the differences between the previous and new licensing models

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Insider Attacks and How to Prevent Them

Many times, data breaches and incidents are due to an employee being unaware that what they are doing is a security risk. IT Asset Managers should implement an employee awareness program, and they should have repeat sessions of certain topics. This helps employees to remember why they need to strictly follow policies and procedures.

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4 Ways CFOs Can Cut Waste in Spending on the Cloud

Many organizations had to rush to purchase a cloud service due to the Coronavirus, but in doing so, they may have spent significantly more than they needed to. In 2021, IT Asset Managers may need to devote time to see how they can decrease their organization’s IT spend, especially in regards to their organization’s

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Eracent Designates ClearArmor® As Its Cybersecurity Subsidiary; Names William Choppa As Chief Executive Officer

Eracent, a leading provider of IT Asset Management (ITAM) and Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions, has designated ClearArmor, an innovative developer of CyberSecurity Resource Planning (CSRP) tools, as the new cybersecurity-focused subsidiary of the company. Bruce Hafner will continue in his role as President of ClearArmor, and Eracent President and Board member William Choppa

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Eracent Announces Oracle-Verified Database Discovery

Eracent is pleased to announce that its IT Management Center™ (ITMC) Discovery solution now provides Oracle Database detection and reporting that has been approved by Oracle’s Global Licensing and Advisory Services (GLAS) third-party tool verification program. As a result, the data provided by ITMC Discovery™ about Oracle Database installations and usage will be accepted

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Visa Abandons $5.3 Billion Acquisition After DOJ Objections

Knowing which vendors to choose can be a hard decision, especially when considering that vendors often partner or merge with other vendor organizations. In case the vendor merges with another organization or if they close down, IT Asset Managers should establish certain policies in their contract with the vendor that clarify that the organization

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