IAITAM’s Employee Awareness Program


Many haven’t recognized the need to manage IT assets like other business assets. Establishing policies and standards for IT asset acquisition and usage is crucial to prevent budget overruns and compliance issues.

Both the IT sector and other organizational areas often lack awareness of their IT Asset Management initiatives. This knowledge gap can lead to risks like non-compliance and security breaches. IAITAM’s Employee Awareness Program (EAP) is a foundational step in addressing these concerns.

IAITAM’s EAP offers resources for tailoring education and communication within an IT Asset Management program. It can be adapted to suit any organization’s needs. The signage section includes posters and notifications for prominent display throughout the organization to keep IT Asset Management efforts top of mind for all employees.

Sample Training Forms
  • Sample New Hire and Annual Review Form
  • Using IAITAM’s Employee Awareness Program
  • Sample Policies and Procedures (i.e., Agreement for Home Use of Corporate Software)
  • Electronic Communication Resources and Software Policy
  • Corporate IT Policies
Employee Education Forms
  • IT Asset Management Employee Training
  • What is IT Compliance and How Does it Affect You?
  • IT Asset Management for IT Asset Managers
  • Your Liability as an Employee
  • Invoice Tracking
  • Software Usage
  • Topics Covered
  • Compliance
  • Software Usage
  • Invoice Tracking
  • Employee Liability