IAITAM’s Education Center Guide

This guide will help you login, make sure you have the correct browser requirements and FAQ’s.


Our education site is currently under maintenance. In the meantime, we have moved our education site to a temporary location. If you did not receive an email with login credentials, please reach out to servicedesk@iaitam.org

If you did receive your credentials, click the button below to access your exam.

How to Login

Step 1

  • Click the button above “Take me to IAITAM’s Education Center”
  • If you are already logged in via iaitam.org you will be routed to the education center
  • If you are not already logged in, you will be routed to IAITAM’s login in page. Here is where you will enter in your credentials that you currently use to access iaitam.org

If you do not have iaitam.org credentials, you will need to click “New Customer Registration”

Once you have successfully logged in you will be redirected to IAITAM’s Education Center

Browser Requirements

Here are the requirements you will need on your browser in order to be able to access the Education Center

  • Cookies enabled
  • Java enabled
  • TLS v1.2 capable
  • PDF reader


I logon to Education.IAITAM.org and I see a list of exams

This likely appears if this is the first time that you have accessed the Education Center
Contact Member Services to ensure that your purchase is complete

I logon to Education.IAITAM.org and I do not see the exam listed which I purchased.

Contact Member Services to ensure that your purchase is complete

Cannot Login


Are cookies enabled in your browser?

Is Java enabled in your browser?

Does your browser support TLSv1.2?


Is this your first time logging onto IAITAM.ORG? 

If so, register your account


If you attempt to log in and see the following:

Please Log In using your provided credentials.


ERROR: Unknown Account.

  • Then Reset Password


I did not receive my password reset email

  • Check your Junk/Spam folders for mail originating from “info@iaitam.org
  • Search all mail folders for email originating from “info@iaitam.org

If not found

  • Contact your email/system administrator or support if you have hosted email to determine why the Reset Password emails from “info@iaitam.org”