How to Start Preparing your Software Agreement and Entitlement Data for a SAM Tool

Organizations today face a myriad of challenges when managing their IT assets, including a significant rise in technical debt, countless security threats, vendor prices hikes and increased application/infrastructure relationship complexity. These obstacles aren’t going away and are slated to become even more prevalent in the near future, meaning the time to develop a software asset management practice is now or never, while there’s still time to set your organization up for a secure and innovative technology transformation. The question is – how do you know you’re really ready for the smoothest and quickest possible implementation of a SAM tool?

Join this session with Snow Software’s Consulting Services Manager, Kristy Stroud, as she discusses best practices for proactive steps towards implementation including:

• Preparing software agreements & entitlement data
• Identifying entitlement and business metadata to achieve complete compliance
• Saving valuable time pulling data after the fact