IAITAM™ – The International Association of IT Asset Managers is the professional worldwide association for both individuals and organizations. Focusing on Software, Hardware, and Lifecycle best practices, IAITAM has been a leading entity within the industry with over a decade of experience. Over 50,000 Practitioners from over 126 countries have seen the value in IAITAM’s Membership that fits any individual or organization.

Our mission is to provide a centralized source of real-world knowledge and expertise for IT asset managers around the world providing them with an association that both encourages and nurtures the profession. As a foundational component of the IT asset management (ITAM) industry, IAITAM has been instrumental in the development of the profession into what it is today. Leading the world with several industry-leading courses, products, and services, IAITAM continues to be foundational in the IT asset management industry and ensures that the profession is an integral part of any organization. Learn more at www.iaitam.org


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