IMUG events are a valuable resource for IAITAM members, offering a platform for networking, professional development, and staying informed about the ever-evolving landscape of IT Asset Management. These gatherings promote a sense of community among members and contribute to the ongoing growth and knowledge sharing within the ITAM profession.

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Key Features of IMUGs

Consistent Schedule

These meetings are held on the first Tuesday (9am ET) and third Tuesday (5pm ET) of each month, providing a regular and predictable schedule for members to engage.

Members-Only Access

IMUG meetings are open only to IAITAM members, ensuring a dedicated and like-minded community of ITAM professionals.

Discussion and Collaboration

IMUG meetings serve as a forum for members to delve into ITAM-related matters, collectively brainstorm solutions, and foster collaboration among peers.

Product Insights

Members have the opportunity to share their experiences with various ITAM products, providing valuable insights and feedback to the group.

Support and Knowledge Sharing

IMUG meetings facilitate the sharing of experiences and best practices, allowing members to support one another and enhance their ITAM expertise.

Educational Presentations

Periodically, expert guest presenters may be invited to certain meetings to deliver educational content, offering members opportunities to expand their knowledge and stay current with industry trends.

Replay Availability

For those who may not be able to attend the live meetings, recorded replays are made available on the third Tuesday of each month, ensuring that members can catch up at their convenience.