IAITAM Provider Member

ISAM is an original pioneer in the Software Asset Management industry, providing vendor and tool agnostic consulting services across distributed, mainframe, and cloud environments for 25 years. Utilizing ISAM’s proprietary GreenBookSM database, we guide our customers to “best in class” software cost management and licensing practices with industry-leading expertise and methodologies. Our database contains more than 100 million software cost, product usage, and categorization data points from over 1000 software vendors across 1,000 data centers worldwide. Through our market intelligence, benchmarking tools, and product guidance, we help our customers optimize their software spend, ensure license compliance, and minimize costs both on premise and on their digital transformation in the cloud. Our customers are realizing over 20% in cost savings and significantly more in cost avoidance.


4152 North River Run
Minneapolis, MN 55378
United States