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SAM Tools: Managing Expectations to Better Manage your Licenses

Available December 3, 2018

Many organizations believe that installing a SAM tool will come with a “click here” button that will automatically perform software license allocation, report software license compliance, provide different scenarios regarding license optimization, report software cost savings and so on. But is this a fair expectation?


The Prescription for a Painless Audit

No Longer Available

Software audits are on the rise and continue to increase in frequency. Historically, software publishers were more inclined to audit their customers during economic downturns, such the dot-com bubble burst of 2000 or the stock market crash of 2008. However, recent statistics show that leading publishers are increasing their audit activity, even as economic conditions have improved. Considering that audits have become a significant revenue stream for publishers, it’s unlikely that this trend will reverse.
Audits can be painful. Audits can be stressful. Audits can be costly and time-consuming. What can your organization do to avoid the pain, stress and labor-intensive nature of audits? Here’s our prescription for a painless audit.


Managing Things: The new Competitive Imperative for Enterprises

Available December 4, 2018

It used to be that the main things that were managed through IT asset management (ITAM) were computers: servers, desktops, and phones.
However, now everything is a computer and it needs to be managed in the same way through IoT.


8 Tips For a Successful SAP Audit

Available December 5, 2018

SAP® licensing can be tricky, to say the least.
When you receive an audit letter, do you feel like you are at a negotiating disadvantage?
Do you suspect that you are probably paying SAP much more than you have to, just to make sure you are in compliance with your licensing agreement?
If so, Eracent’s “8 Tips For A Successful SAP® Audit” can help you level the playing field and feel far more prepared to discuss your actual system usage and true license position with SAP.
You’ll get valuable information that will help you develop a strategy for a positive audit result – and huge savings on your SAP licensing.


The CMDB is Dead – Long Live the CMDB

Available December 6, 2018

In addition to IT Service Management, CMDBs can be used for IT Asset Management, Software License Management and monitoring Cyber Security Controls. Unfortunately the reality today is that many CMDB projects are over budget and do not achieve their business objectives. In this brief webinar, Belarc will discuss why these projects fail and possible solutions for the future.


How to Build Effective IT Asset Management

No Longer Available

Are you under increasing pressure to provide transparency into IT spending? Those IT stakeholders with access to technology entitlement and consumption data will be the ones uniquely positioned to provide the insight necessary to identify genuine cost saving and risk management opportunities.
By implementing a robust and effective ITAM function, IT leaders can work with multiple stakeholders across the organization to optimize IT costs in a way that supports business priorities.
In the first of our series on ITAM best practice webinars, Victoria Barber, Director at Snow explores;
– Why you need ITAM
– What good ITAM looks like
– How to put in place the governance, processes and people necessary to build an effective ITAM function


Maximizing Value Beyond Your Data Center’s End of Life

Available December 7, 2018

When it comes time to close, move, or consolidate data centers, the sanitization and decommissioning of technology assets can get complicated. Mismanagement of these assets—and the data they contain—not only presents security risks but can also lead to costly environmental and data security fines. It is essential to understand that decommissioning your data center isn’t just about securing data or physically destroying equipment. It also presents opportunities to recover value from those IT assets that have reached end of life.


Next-Generation ITAM

No Longer Available

This white paper leverages EMA’s global research and industry experience to view the changing role of ITAM policy, process, technology, and function, as well as offer recommendations for forward movement.


How to Shift From Tactical To Strategic Management of Your IT Assets

No Longer Available

Details coming soon…

Northcentral Univerisity

Introducing the IAITAM and Northcentral University Partnership

Available December 11, 2018

During this webinar, Northcentral University will introduce the new partnership and offerings available to the IAITAM community.


Software Asset Management: A Complete Introduction

Available December 12, 2018

Software Asset Management is the business strategy for reclaiming budget and maximizing savings by actively controlling and automating procurement, usage, and deployment of software licenses.
Wherever you are in the process of implementing Software Asset Management (SAM) in your business, this ebook provides information to help you go further, quickly and easily. It will help you develop a vision for SAM at your company, partner with your stakeholders, and untangle the SAM knot for you.


7 Hardware Asset Management Best Practices

No Longer Available

Get your best practices on with these top tips for your hardware assets.

Liquid Technology

A Retirement Plan For Your IT Assets

No Longer Available

A Retirement Plan For Your IT Assets Whitepaper goes through the details an organization must consider when retiring excess IT equipment.
The whitepaper also includes:
– Solutions for common pain points
– Best practices for IT asset disposal
– Descriptions of standard industry terms & certifications

Directions on Microsoft

Compliance, Security Drive Office 365 E5 Decision

No Longer Available

Office collections and Microsoft-hosted 365 Enterprise of subscription suites services software license on a Per-User basis. Many large organizations will standardize on Office 365 Enterprise E3 but will want some of the capabilities that are bundled in Office 365 Enterprise E5 suite for at least some of their users. For most organizations, regulatory compliance and security features will be the most important factors driving the decision between buying E3 and E5.
This report outlines the distinctive compliance and security features of Office 365 Enterprise E5 and how they might influence an organization to choose it over E3. (For an overview of Office 365 suite con- tents, including components unique to the E5 suite, see the illustration “Office 365 Enterprise Suite Features and Services” on page 3.) Most Office 365 Enterprise suites are sold as part of a larger Microsoft 365 suite, which bundle the same level (that is, E3, E5) of Office 365 Enterprise suite, the Enterprise Mobility and Security suite, and Windows Enterprise subscription as a single Per User license.

License Dashboard

Asset Discovery and Discovery Transformation

Available December 17, 2018

Choosing the right Software Asset Discovery tool can be a complex process. With many factors to consider, how do you ensure that your IT estate will be fully covered? In this article, Matt Halstead, Senior SAM Consultant at License Dashboard, discusses what to look for when assessing SAM Discovery technology.


Don’t Drop the Ball on SAM Governance

Available December 18, 2018

How can companies be fully implemented in SAM, yet still be out of compliance with software? SAM is a process, not a solution. It must be exercised and continually updated to reflect changes in your software landscape and IT environment. When not, the result is noncompliance.

Sipi Asset Recovery

What New Storage Technology Means For The Future of Secure IT Destruction

No Longer Available

There’s been no time where data security is of greater importance than it is now, and the advancements in storage technology bring new challenges with them. It’s every company’s responsibility to do whatever it takes to ensure compliance and 100% data security. In this article, Sipi Asset Recovery breaks down how to protect your brand, keep costs low while returning as much value as possible, and ensure that data is securely destroyed at the right time – the right way.

Cascade Asset Management

Wipe or Shred: How to Handle Your End-of-Life Data

Available December 19, 2018

How should you handle destruction of your end-of-life data? Should you wipe data for drive reuse or physically destroy the drive and data all together? This paper addresses important considerations and practical guidance to help you evaluate your end-of-life destruction options.


Is Software Asset Management the Tonic for your Cloud Headache?

Available December 20, 2018

Many organizations are experiencing significant cloud overspend. Software asset management can be the hidden fix to this.


Oracle Licensing pitfalls and how to deal with them

No Longer Available

Oracle acquired its leading position in the software market thanks to its products’ reliability and complete service offering covering most of a company’s IT’s needs. However they are also well known for their licensing complexity and audit practices.
Historical challenges remain, new ones are created.
In this Webinar, Deloitte intends to deliver an overview of Oracle licensing pitfalls along with some optimization tracks to deal with them.


The Challenges of Managing Open Source Software

IAITAM Gray Papers

Open Source Software (OSS) is a major force in software development and often a larger component of the organization’s portfolio of code than is currently acknowledged. The extensive adoption of open source is related directly to the time and money saved during development. However, there are significant licensing and information security risks associated with open source that are proving difficult to effectively manage. The best method for reducing these risks is to add open source management to the responsibilities of the Software Asset Manager. This additional support offers advantages to the organization’s bottom line, the level of compliance and the speed with which new technology can be adopted. Software Asset Managers need to understand how open source software is different from proprietary software and then use that knowledge to build and maintain policies and processes that support technology development.