ITAM Recertification

The IAITAM Recertification Program applies to all CITAM, CSAM, CHAMP, CMAM, CITAD, CAMSE and CAMP certified professionals.  The program is built on a continuing education platform targeted to increasing the knowledge level of our certified professionals and to recognize personal achievements during the certifying year.

As a certified professional in IT Asset Management, you are recognized as a leader and professional, both within your organization and in our ITAM community.  You have differentiated yourself by acquiring industry specific education and are committed to continuing your professional growth.

You are well aware of the complexity of our chosen field and the state of industry flux that is occurring at this time.  For these reasons, IAITAM will continue to support your efforts by offering expanded opportunities for you to build on your education and to continue to receive recognition through recertification!

That being said, IAITAM has streamlined the entire Recertification process: No more paperwork, no more hassles, this new process is simple and efficient!

Recertification will now be required by the anniversary date of your most recent certification or recertification in order to keep all IAITAM Certifications current. This means, if you have successfully certified in multiple IAITAM courses  you need only recertify once for all certifications held by the anniversary date of your most recent certification or recertification.

Note: Only current certifications will be extended through the Recertification Program.

Recertification cannot be purchased through the website, please contact IAITAM at or call +1.330.628.3012 to recertify.



  • Recertification must be successfully completed prior to the end of the month in which the individual’s certification(s) expires in order to keep their certification(s) in good standing​
  • Recertification happens when you complete the Recertification Program or successfully pass another IAITAM Certification exam providing this takes place within one calendar year of your initial certification
  • Certified individuals need only recertify once to renew all Certifications in good-standing (current or recertified through the program or another IAITAM certification)
  • Every Monday, the Recertification Program links will be sent to those who purchased the Recertification Program in the previous week (if Monday is a holiday, links will be sent on the next normal business day); from this day the certified individual will have 28 days in which to complete the Recertification Program
  • The Recertification Program consists of a short survey as well as an exam consisting of 20 questions pulled randomly from a database; a score of 100% is required in order to pass the exam, however unlimited attempts with no time limit (within the 28 day window) are allowed and missed answers can be seen
  • If a Certified Individual is unable to complete the Recertification Program within their 28 day window, a one-time thirty (30) day extension can be purchased for $50USD; this option must be completed before the initial 28 day window expires
  • IAITAM makes every attempt to notify Certified Individuals when their Certifications are due to expire, however it is ultimately the responsibility of the Certified Individual to track their Certification dates to ensure they are renewed in a timely manner.


  • Certifications in good standing can be renewed through the Recertification Program
  • Certifications expired within the last six months can be renewed by taking that designation’s certification exam at the regular exam price
  • Certifications expired more than six months out can only be renewed by taking the full course along with successfully passing the respective certification exam at the course and exam’s regular price