The IAITAM Recertification helps you keep your CAMP, CHAMP, CSAM, CITAD, CMAM, CAMSE, and/or CITAM designation current!

As a certified professional in IT Asset Management you are recognized as a leader, both within your organization and the ITAM industry. You have differentiated yourself by acquiring industry specific education and are committed to continuing your professional growth.

Recertification allows you to retain the right to use your certification designation. Only current certifications will be extended through the Recertification program. Recertification is required by the anniversary date of your most recent certification or recertification and keeps all your IAITAM Certifications current. If you have multiple certification designations, just one recertification keeps them all current.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of recertification?

Recertification is a continuing education program by IAITAM that ensures the value and prestige of the IAITAM Certification. It is required to maintain good standing with IAITAM and is intended to allow an ITAM Practitioner to keep their certifications valid while also being streamlined and easily accessible. With ITAM practitioners moving jobs and meeting/exceeding corporate demands placed on them every single day, it’s comforting to have the opportunity to refresh foundational knowledge and skills.

How do I attain my Recertification?

To attain Recertification, a review is accompanied by a 20 question quiz that must be taken before your Recertification Due Date. Your due date can be found by visiting the My Account page. Upon successful purchase, you will receive an email on the first of the month that your recertification is due. From there, you will have 30 calendar days to complete the quiz. The quiz must be taken until a score of 100% is achieved.

How often do I have to recertify?

Recertification happens on an annual basis. Fortunately, only 1 recertification examination is required to maintain all current certifications.

What happens if I don’t recertify in time?

If you don’t recertify in time, your certifications expire. A grace period of six months from certification expiration provides an opportunity to recertify by taking the full certification exam for each certification you held. After the six month window, the full class and exam must be retaken. Either option is available at member pricing.

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What happens when I recertify?

When you recertify, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your Recertification Certificate as well as your future recertification dates. The certificate signifies that you are Certified for another year in all of the IAITAM certifications held.