IAITAM Provider Member

Synetic Technologies, Inc. solves the logistical and legal complications companies face today when disposing of IT equipment. Your organization’s DNA is its data. It exists within your hardware. The information and raw materials contained pose a threat to company security and the environment if trusted to the wrong hands. That’s why Fortune-listed local and global corporations in finance, healthcare, technology, energy and education trust Synetic. Our Data destruction and e-recycling performance meets the industry’s stringent secure data destruction processes and environmental, health, and safety management system requirements, making us one of the highest certified IT disposition firms. Services are tailored to your needs whether that means a one-time disposal project of an ongoing asset disposition program spanning multiple centers, offices, and locations. We build relationships on trust – saving you time, hassle and money, while protecting your DNA at the end of your IT assets’ lifecycle.


1120 Clay Street
N Kansas City, MO 64116
United States