You’ve Paid for the Tool, You Put the Processes in Place, So What’s Going Wrong with your SAM Program?

After spending months – and sometimes years – getting your software asset management program in place, lacking meaningful results can feel like a waste of precious time and resources. So what’s going on? If you have the tools, the data and the process, why aren’t you seeing changes?

Join Kristy Stroud, certified SAM professional and ITAM Forum Trustee with over 25 years of experience in the software asset management industry, as she discusses why after her first three years of implementing a formal SAM program, she felt like a failure.

In this session, Kristy gets candid about the lessons she’s learned and the mistakes she’s made, plus how she turned her three-year slump into a major growth opportunity that has shaped the rest of her career. Join us as she offers valuable insights on the following and more:

• Prioritization of business objectives
• Avoid getting lost in the big picture and falling down “rabbit holes”
• The 80/20 rule