How is the Economy Affecting Software Asset Management

Since 2000, global GDP grew by 184%, North America GDP by 127% while going thru two major recessions. In spite of the recessions, IoT devices grew from 0.5 billion to over 50 billion, internet users from 284 million to 5.5 billion and 4.7 billion active social media users came online. Although corporate revenue is impacted by the economy, and vice versa, IoT, internet usage and social media has reached global levels that have caused growth in corporate IT expenses. When our economy is threatened by a recession, companies look for ways to cut costs. For the software vendors, they are finding creative ways to increase revenue. While vendors are asking for more, and corporate management wanting to spend less, how do you reconcile competing demands? A sustainable solution is essential. A change from managing rates to cost rationalization will be a requirement during economic downturns. How will you build and sustain the transition?