Our Wednesday Webinars provide a fantastic opportunity for ITAM professionals and anyone interested in the field to stay updated, learn from experts, and engage in a vibrant community of knowledge-sharing. We look forward to welcoming you to our webinars to explore and expand your understanding of IT Asset Management.

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Key Features of Wednesday Webinars

Consistent Schedule

We host webinars every Wednesday of the month at 11 am Eastern Time (ET). This regular schedule allows participants to plan ahead and ensure they can join the discussions.

Open Access

These webinars are designed to be inclusive, allowing anyone interested in ITAM to participate without any registration or participation fees.

Educational Focus

The primary aim of our webinars is to provide valuable educational content. Topics are carefully selected to address key issues and challenges faced by ITAM professionals.

Expert-Led Discussions

Each webinar is guided by experts in the field, ensuring that participants receive insights and guidance from those with extensive knowledge and experience in ITAM.

Variety of Presenters

Our presenters come from a diverse range of roles, including C-level executives, software providers, solutions architects, and other innovative figures within ITAM. This diversity ensures that participants receive a well-rounded perspective on the chosen topics.