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Olitech Solutions

Olitech Solutions Olitech Solutions is an Oracle focused leading software asset management and technology consulting firm boasting unparalleled expertise in Oracle licensing, contract advisement, and technology services. Working with clients worldwide, Olitech is well-regarded for our holistic approach to uncovering savings embedded in Oracle’s intricate pricing methodologies and licensing structures. We partner with

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USU Solutions Inc.

USU Solutions Inc. As the leading provider of software and services for IT and customer service management, USU solutions empower companies to meet the demands of today’s digital world. Global companies use our solutions to cut costs, drive agility, and reduce risk — with smarter services, streamlined workflows, and improved collaboration. With over

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Synetic Technologies

Synetic Technologies Synetic Technologies, Inc. solves the logistical and legal complications companies face today when disposing of IT equipment. Your organization’s DNA is its data. It exists within your hardware. The information and raw materials contained pose a threat to company security and the environment if trusted to the wrong hands. That’s why

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Snow Software, Inc.

Snow Software, Inc. Whether it’s through lack of control, lack of understanding or lack of compliance, Snow believes that most organizations today end up paying too high of a price for their software. To address this, Snow provides Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions designed to ensure that the $351 billion spent yearly on

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Sims Lifecycle Services

Sims Lifecycle Services Sims Lifecycle Services (SLS), rebranded from Sims Recycling Solutions, provides solutions to extend the life of IT and electronic devices, and the company recognizes the value in end-of-life electronic assets, components and materials. SLS supports Fortune 500 companies in navigating ongoing technology shifts by securely and responsibly managing the disposition

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SHI International

SHI International Headquartered in Somerset, NJ, SHI International Corp. has transformed itself from a $1 million “software-only” regional reseller into a $5 billion global provider of technology products and services. Privately-held and under the guidance of its current ownership since 1989, SHI has experienced tremendous growth in size and scope through neither merger

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ServiceNow ServiceNow® IT Asset Management is the only solution on a single data model. Modernize and simplify software and hardware asset processes with workflow. Get to business outcomes faster with a CMDB driven IT lifecycle. Optimize hardware, software and cloud costs. Automate intuitive workflows to fuel productivity and elevate teams. ITAM is natural

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Road Map Technologies

Road Map Technologies Road Map Technologies recognizes that IT applications support each user in a business and, by extension, each employee, customer, or patient who interacts with its data and outcomes. We understand that errors in effective application integration costs money and can even cost lives. The same type of glitches that hang

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