Discuss how much you know and understand about your organization’s finances.

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    Joshua Comeau

    I have not been involved in any financial decision making.

    Ajinkya Mohite

    Not involved in finance discussions.

    Lindsay Tho

    I am not involved in my organization’s finances.

    Heather Waider

    Our team has a capital expense budget we use as a guide. Monthly allowance for general supplies and expense; however, everything is negotiable.
    We do not have access to the accounting system, so we must record all IT spend in an alternate system for reporting purposes.

    Kartik paruthi

    I’ve been exposed to contracts, accounting, and our current ITAM program.

    Ambuj Mohan

    Finances within our organisation, are determined by income generation, research grants, and public body funding from central Government.

    Romeo Dumitrascu

    i’m not involved in the finance department

    Karen Cullen

    Collaboration with IT Finance group within my organization.


    I don’t have any knowledge about our company’s finances.

    Ryan Silvano

    Very little to none. I am across some aspects of my area’s budget. Other than that, nothing.

    Adele Asencio

    I’m not involved in my organization’s finances

    Svetlana Terentyeva

    Cost savings, consumption optimization and cloud drives finops

    Bridgette Stuart

    Formally my knowledge is limited to my area’s budget.

    Rick Swack

    As a publicly traded company, our financials are published.

    Eliza Budhathoki

    I haven’t had an opportunity to discuss the organization’s finances, but I Have sat in on a few planning meetings for the following year. Within my company, I work as an AT and haven’t been involved with financial plans or implementation

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 105 total)
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