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    Chris Mcdonald
    Courtney Lepine

    The IT Acquisition KPA is the gatekeeper for the application of all ITAM strategies determined by
    an organization, including policies, standards, and lifecycle processes. An effective IT acquisition
    process empowers the rest of an ITAM program by applying process, which determines
    pathways for exceptions, and generates the initial records for the IT assets before acquisition is

    Sandeep Bhadani

    The Acquisition Manager acts as a gatekeeper in the sense that they control and manage the process of acquiring new products, services, or assets for a company. They are responsible for evaluating potential suppliers, negotiating contracts, and ensuring that the company gets the best value for its investments.

    Jeff Van Raalte

    Ensures the standards are maintained and followed and that there is an actual need for the asset.

    Stuart Swale

    They are the person (people) who decide which assets to procure and hot to do it


    it is important to decide which assets to be purchased.

    Eero Vuorinen

    Checks if there is already solution in.

    Vincent Job

    He determines what is allowed into the organization using different policies and standards of the organization. He works with all the other stakeholders to ensure the safety of IT assets before they are procured.

    Vinay B M

    Acquisition Manager works with all different teams to determine how to best acquire the asset, or whether it should be approved at all

    Andrea Gordon

    The Acquisition Manager monitors requests coming in and acts as a gatekeeper by weighing the request with policy and standards to determine if the product or asset will be purchased. They are involved in multiple areas of the ITAM program.

    Iva Kovacevic

    The Acquisiton Manager has an important role in ITAM and asct as a gatekeeper in a way that he selects criteria, reviews and approves or denies requests by weighing in options. they also work with different teams to identfy standard and non-standard requests. they also have an important role of negotiating contracts.

    Katherine Davis

    The acquisition manager prevents the unauthorised purchase of IT equipment by applying processes and standards

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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