In what ways will your office culture affect how you communicate?

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    Sameer Ullal

    Eliminate assumptions
    Will bring in clarity
    Clear visibility
    Confidence in the team

    Kenneth Simmons

    Hybrid work schedule due to desk sharing can affect it in a huge way

    Tyler Stoeger


    Shavontae Myers


    Heather Waider

    We have a lot of long term employees who remember a time when there were fewer policies. They take advantage of long term relationships by going direct to the source of what they need, and bypassing proper procedures. My communication with them needs to be consistent every time, as well as showing support for the new policies and procedures.

    Steven Czubinski

    Hybrid work requires us to communicate using multiple channels, and then reinforce the communication in video calls or in-person.

    Matthew Yokotake


    Kjetil Skinlo

    We need to meet up in all relevant departments and present ITAM for management and workers.

    Saroj Kumar Mohanty


    Warren Herrera

    The Hybrid model that mostly every company has been adjusting to, has a a lot to do with what current communication methods are in place. Ultimately, video/Zoom calls have been at the forefront of most of the communications with messaging apps (i.e. Slack) being right up there sharing the space with Zoom.

    Markus Allen

    It will affect what you say and when and how you say it.

    Matthew Lepree

    Everyone here is very courteous and professional, so it makes it easy for everyone to get along and work together well.

    Sylvia Villaman

    The ways that our office culture will affect how I communicate are by effectively utilizing a team approach to gather feedback. We will then analyze and research to make sure the policy aligns with organization culture and if it’s enforceable. We will gather support and approval from executive management and then enforce the policy. As a team we will review the policy at regular intervals.

    Monika Vyletalova

    WFH brings a new aspects in my communication – like using the tools (MS Teams), video calls, more indirect communication via emails but all in a friendly way.

    Olawale Dada

    Positively, we have a hybrid working environment but video calls, chat and in-person meetings support/improve communication

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 46 total)
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