Perform a SWOT analysis on yourself. What are your strengths, weaknesses, etc.?

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    Warren Herrera

    Strengths: Asks questions to improve understanding and see all angles
    Weakness: Hard to say no to accepting more work
    Opportunities: Improve confidence in answers
    Threat: Lack of opportunities; failure.

    Erik Luhmer

    strength: Learning and knowledge of asset management
    weakness: responsibility scope creep
    opportunity: embracing automation of processes and ITAM/SAM program functions
    threat: Keeping up with an every-changing ITAM landscape

    Markus Allen

    S: Adaptiveness, Speed
    W: Accepts all the responsibility for everything. Sometimes biting off more than I can chew
    O: Leverage the people around me
    T: Manual Processes

    Chandra Gavino

    Strength: work ethics, systems thinking
    Weakness: slow moving team
    Opportunity: Make substantial change
    Threat: Not fast enough delivery

    Sylvia Villaman

    S – quick learner, great work ethic and at establishing relationships
    W – new in my position and with IT in general
    O – learning from people who have been around a long time and make things my own when I get the hang of it all
    T – poking the bear

    Monika Vyletalova

    S: quick learning, communication skills
    W: forgetfulness
    O: Learning IAITAM and best practices from others
    T: Management decisions (cutting costs)

    Olawale Dada

    Strength- strong work ethics and long standing experience
    Weakness- quite self critical and takes on too much
    Opportunity- Certification and IAITAM Corporate Membership
    Threat- Need to show quick win to management

    Kris Dysert

    s: organized nature
    w: new
    o: new role/ well-positioned to make change
    t: loopholes

    William Harrington

    Communication, and attention to detail. Weakness, to much attention to detail.

    Maria DeMars

    Strengths: Strong ITAM Knowledge
    Weakness: Small team
    Opportunities: Working with different team globally
    Threat: Inconsistency with leaders

    Egor Kataev


    Chrisdan CRowe

    S: Strong work ethic and thirst for knowledge
    W: Taking on too much and not enough time in the day
    O: Certifications and Learning IAITAM Best practices
    T: Lack of communication regarding limitations

    Zach Downey

    Learning and communication

    Creating boundaries

    Learn IAITAM practices

    Lack of support

    Robert Collins

    Extensive Experience: With over 14 years in IT operations, change management, and policy analysis, Robert has built a wealth of experience.
    Certifications: Holding CJIS and ITIL certifications, he demonstrates recognized qualifications in managing IT services and security, particularly in law enforcement and government contexts.
    Leadership in ITAM: As a Sr ITAM Process Consultant and a member of the ITAM Forum’s Committee of Experts, Robert is positioned as a leader and influencer in the ITAM field.
    Proven Track Record: His experience with Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and the Department of Environmental Protection shows his capability in managing complex IT environments and contributing to state-level initiatives.
    Specialization: While specialization is a strength, it could also be a limitation if industry trends shift away from traditional ITAM roles or if the market requires different skill sets.
    Advancement Opportunities: The profile does not explicitly mention recent promotions, which might raise questions about vertical career movement or the potential for future advancement.
    Educational Background: The profile lists an Associate of Arts in Pre-Engineering, which may not align with the current IT-focused role, potentially impacting perceptions of formal education in the field.
    Visibility and Publication: There is no mention of published articles, speaking engagements, or thought leadership content that could enhance personal branding in the ITAM space.
    Industry Growth: With the ITAM industry evolving, there are opportunities for Robert to expand his role and influence, particularly with the move towards ISO 19770 certification.
    Networking: Participation in the ITAM Forum’s Committee of Experts provides significant networking opportunities with other ITAM professionals and organizations.
    Advancements in Technology: Embracing emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, and cloud services could provide new avenues for consultancy and service offerings.
    Professional Development: There is an opportunity for further education or advanced certifications that could bolster expertise in niche areas of ITAM or IT security.
    Market Competition: Increasing competition in the IT consultancy space could pose a threat to independent and firm-based consultants alike.
    Technological Disruption: Rapid changes in IT infrastructure, such as the shift to cloud computing, could make some aspects of traditional ITAM less relevant.
    Economic Uncertainty: Fluctuations in the economy, particularly given the impact of global events, could affect budgets and investments in ITAM services.
    Regulatory Changes: As someone involved in IT for law enforcement and government, changes in regulations or compliance standards could necessitate rapid adaptation and could impact job security or role requirements.

    Sara Adams

    Strengths: organized, good/effective communication skills
    Weaknesses: tend to second guess myself
    Opportunity: certifications

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