What do your current IT asset tags state?

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    Elizabeth Neal

    Company Name, Logo, Barcode, Badge ID (6-digit code)

    Kira Bunker

    Our Asset tags are compiled of a combination of letters and numbers which all can be broken down into site, location, device type and then numbered

    Sameer Ullal

    Currently our IT Assets are tagged and managed manually, however we are adopting a central asset management system.

    Alexander Guevarez

    Asset #, Company Name, Barcode, and service desk phone number

    Lisa Lindberg


    Tyler Stoeger

    asset number on a sticker


    We have three types of tags: regular, project and capital tags.

    Kenneth Simmons

    Our IT asset tags are mainly on our workstations and mobile devices which have the tag number and barcode.

    Kathy Hill

    License Management does not have this information

    Shavontae Myers

    The unique asset number or full computer name.

    Chris Becher

    This is outside of my team’s area, but I do know we track the user information as well as serial numbers in our asset management platform.

    Steven Henriquez

    our asset tags have a scannable barcode, the asset number and name of workplace.

    Logan Carter

    Our tags consist of a barcode and a unique number for each asset.


    The IT asset tags state if they are Capital Purchased, RCC purchased or Personally Purchased. Each type has a color and a unique number.

    Matthew Yokotake

    Unique ID with a scannable barcode.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 99 total)
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