What software savings do you expect to uncover with your ITAM program?

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    Marco Garcia

    2-5 %

    Michelle Dapprich

    FInd licenses that are not being used or software that is redundant

    Katherine Davis

    I don’t know how much we are looking to save – SAM has been the victim of benign neglect for the best part of a decade. I have had to create the SAM program from scratch myself, and so far I am still discovering more software that is in our environment which I was not aware of.

    Joshua Comeau

    I am not involved in that aspect.

    Garth Honey

    Savings through SAM operations activities (request management, renewal management, offboarding/LDOD reclamation, non-usage reclamation, etc) varies from 5-20% per annum. Financial benefits from SAM involvement in internal audits/audit readiness, change management, project management and other compliance and optimisation activities can have a far greater impact on cost avoidance.

    Heather Waider

    My initial answer would be 0% savings, as I believe we use all software currently being maintained. I realize that software licensing & usage is constantly changing; therefore, regular audits are mandatory to keep up with current trends. Freeing up licenses or reevaluating a license model are all savings to be celebrated.

    Adele Asencio


    Svetlana Terentyeva

    Deduplication or processes

    Bridgette Stuart

    Savings from unused software licenses.

    Adam Feuerstein

    No set number, but we expect to have better visibility into the number of licenses we are actually using vs the number we are paying for. We also expect a simplification of the software asset portfolio to improve our support and reduce overhead.

    Eliza Budhathoki

    I am not involved in software savings but I can analyze the significant savings through several avenues: License optimization/ Vendor contract negotiation/retirement, and all

    Elizabeth Neal

    20%. Monthly reviews are carried out to identify potential savings (e.g. under-used or not-accessed licenses, leavers with licenses assigned for revoking etc)

    Kira Bunker

    10-15% annually. it is hard to quantify based on predictions

    Sameer Ullal

    Software consolidation and Adequate utilization should contribute to a considerable cost savings.
    % cannot be derived at present.

    Tyler Stoeger


Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 65 total)
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