What steps do you take to network with other individuals in the profession?

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    Monika Vyletalova

    Providing steps allowed by internal policy. Joining IAITAM Group is one of them.

    William Harrington

    My company has a ITAM group on Teams where we collaborate and compare notes.

    Darrin Dyches

    Attend different IT Procurement conferences around the country and participate in local procurement workshops.

    Chandra Gavino

    Start by finishing my training.

    Olawale Dada

    My organization has corporate membership status.

    Nurina Fakhira

    By contributing in some tasks and helping my colleagues if they need something to align in system.

    Egor Kataev

    Ask more relevant questions regarding industry from more expertise people

    Chrisdan CRowe

    Currently learning from my mentor and planning to start attending events in the future.

    Sarah Paz

    attend conferences/meetings and not sit with my team :) so that i can engage with others.

    Zach Downey

    Taking this course and learning more.

    C. Alex Juarez

    By nature, I’m a confrontational person and very comfortable with networking. I like to share my ideas and ask others to share their ideas with me. Joining IAITAM has played a big part in this journey. Similarly, I have taken steps to join or learn other focus areas such as Tanium groups, FinOps, etc. I will continue to seek discussion and collaboration.

    David Arnett

    Baby steps

    Robert Collins

    Conferences, IAITAM, several other working groups, internationally

    Justin Hering

    None, yet, but plan to change this in the near future.

    Catalina Gavris

    I attend trainings and meetings held by people with more experience and knowledge in this field and interact with them.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 73 total)
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