Provider Membership Details

Provider Members of IAITAM are IT, software, hardware and services suppliers that offer strategic advice, products and leadership to the ITAM community. IAITAM provides a common ground for these leaders to interact with ITAM professionals in a unique way that enables the ITAM professional to meet the challenges they face within their organizations. IAITAM offers positive exposure to a focused market of well-qualified professionals as well as gives its Provider Members the opportunity to share their expertise through a broad range of marketing opportunities.

Provider Members can also benefit from the training programs offered by IAITAM in order to broaden the industry perspective of their employees, which helps them to understand the complete ITAM lifecycle and where their products and services fit within that program thereby increasing their value to their customers and shortening their sales cycles.

All Provider Memberships include core member benefits to the provider’s employees:

  • Member pricing on most IAITAM products and services
  • Access to bi-monthly IAITAM Member User Group Meetings (IMUG)
  • Access to the career center, and the ability to submit job openings and resumes for posting
  • Access to all of IAITAM’s educational gray papers
  • Access to the full archive of IMUG and Webinar playbacks
  • Access to the IAITAM Member Digest
  • Access to IAITAM Survey Results
In addition, Provider Members also receive:
  • Member pricing available to every employee within the organization: 40% off MSRP on most IAITAM products and services
  • Exclusive exhibitor and sponsor opportunities for IAITAM’s ACE – Annual Conference & Exhibition
  • Listing on IAITAM’s Industry Directory
  • Permitted to use IAITAM’s Provider Member logo on their website
  • Enhanced credibility within the ITAM profession

Knowledge Leadership – Provider Members are given the opportunity to perform leadership roles in the ITAM community by the following means:

  • Publish articles in ITAK, the most complete and up to date ITAM Knowledgebase in the industry
  • Co-host webinars with IAITAM once a quarter
  • Participation in IAITAM Member User Groups as an industry leader guest speaker
  • Ability to be an ITAM Awareness Month sponsor
  • May offer discounted IAITAM training to your prospects and clients as an added value to your services
  • You can invite key customers to utilize your Provider Member pricing on their IAITAM ACE pass

Focused Marketing – Provider Members can take advantage of IAITAM’s networking system to expand their marketing opportunities with the following privileges:

  • Brochures and product information are shared electronically in the IAITAM Student Center
  • Special recognition in IAITAM Annual Conference and Exhibition (ACE) materials
  • One free banner ad per year placed on the ITAK site for one month
  • Record a 30-minute video describing your products and services loaded onto the IAITAM Directory site
  • Include an announcement, special offer or article in the IAITAM weekly newsletter
  • The right to survey IAITAM Members on key business issues*
  • IAITAM expert speakers available at no charge for marketing events*
  • Pertinent case studies and white papers posted to the IAITAM directory site
  • IAITAM will send an email on your behalf after hosting an IAITAM co-sponsored event

* At IAITAM’s discretion and schedule availability.

Membership Rate: $2,990 per year

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