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Crayon Group

Crayon Group Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with more than 2000 employees in over 50 offices in 35 countries, we operate a global, customer-first, and vendor-agnostic IT consultancy. We help clients select the best solutions for their business needs and budget to thrive and innovate with software, cloud, data, and AI. To deliver first-class

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Crayon B.V. (Netherlands)

Crayon B.V. (Netherlands) Crayon focuses on advising enterprises with complex IT needs. The company has approximately 1.000 employees. Its head office is in Oslo Norway with branches in the USA, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Dubai, Singapore, and India. In 2013 Crayon won the WW Microsoft

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Qualiti7 Qualiti7, founded in 2005, is one of the leading Service Governance and Management consulting & training organization in Canada. It helps businesses develop, orchestrate and execute their digital transformation programs in accordance to recognized IT management good practices. It seeks to adapt and integrate IT management frameworks together to allow organization to

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IAITAM IAITAM™ – The International Association of IT Asset Managers is the professional worldwide association for both individuals and organizations. Focusing on Software, Hardware, and Lifecycle best practices, IAITAM has been a leading entity within the industry with over a decade of experience. Over 50,000 Practitioners from over 126 countries have seen the

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HOBI International, Inc.

HOBI International, Inc. HOBI International, Inc., is a leading asset management and electronics recycling company with locations in Chicago, Dallas and Phoenix. Serving Fortune 1000 clients, HOBI’s IT services group focuses on corporate IT, data and telecommunications infrastructure, providing resale and re-marketing, data erasure and data destruction, recycling, environmental and compliance reporting, de-installation

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Guardian Data Destruction

Guardian Data Destruction SECURE, COMPLIANT AND ABSOLUTE Guardian provides a comprehensive suite of OnSite Data Destruction Service to protect data at the end of its life cycle. Our secure onsite data erasure and data destruction services eliminates all risk of data leaks from in transit, idle, from off lease or end of life

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Cybiant Cybiant excels at helping businesses use their data to win in the data economy. Using next generation technology and established IT Best Practices, we assist companies to control their technology assets, automate their processes and transform data into a strategic asset. Founded and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Cybiant now operates across

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Burswood Information Solutions

Burswood Information Solutions Burswood Information Solutions is a specialist Consultancy firm offering services that assists government, commercial enterprises and service provider organizations in aligning their operations strategy, business processes, and organization with the business strategy, enabling them to derive maximum business value from IT resources. Address 18 Tonkin Place Pukekohe Auckland 2677 New

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APMG APMG-International is a global accreditation, certification and examination body. Our wide portfolio includes over twenty IT Governance and Service Management, IT Asset Management and Cyber Security certifications and schemes. Over the past 20 years APMG has accredited over 550 Training Organizations and Product Owners from across the globe. Over 1.4 million candidates

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