Describe a time when there was a miscommunication and explain how you handled it.

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    Eliza Budhathoki

    I always remember to acknowledge the miscommunication, address it positively if necessary, and ensure everyone in the team understands the expectations in every situation. If necessary, I reduce the likelihood of future misunderstandings and create a protocol to clarify the gap.

    Bridgette Stuart

    I was in a meeting when someone was presenting to a group about information that was shared with both of us from a document but the information the person was sharing was incorrect. I stated that what the person said was not my understanding so we got the original document and shared it with the group to read for themselves and then discussed the correct information.

    Elizabeth Neal

    There was a miscommunication between our different teams and a supplier via email during a project launch. Our org assumed the supplier should correct a technical issue that occurred at go live. The supplier assumed we should correct it. Both parties made assumptions about ownership of the issue so the issue remained unresolved. A 15 minute video call to discuss the problem in detail and who owned what actions resolved the overall issue. The devil is in the detail and often these details are missed in written communication.

    Kira Bunker

    When me and my coworker have a hard time understanding each other via messaging or emailing we meet. Either face to face or with our cameras on on webex. this way we can communicate better.

    Tyler Stoeger

    A co-worker did not understand why I did something and was confrontational about it. I went to him to discuss in person to ensure clear, conscious dialogue.

    Kenneth Simmons

    Miscommunication can come many ways. My experience it comes alot with the misunderstanding of our policies so being precise and detailed with the customer on the standards usually handles the miscommunication they received.

    Shavontae Myers

    I encourage communication as much as possible; I communicate clear and concisely with all other business units.

    Heather Waider

    It was brought to the team’s attention that a printed “How to” doc on using conference room equipment was missing a step. We identified the missing step and edited the document to include that step…taking care to keep the information simplified and easy to follow. Redistributed the information.


    When people send me asset information I make sure not to sound like I am too busy, because then they will stop sending you information.

    Sello Leburu


    Ryan Silvano

    The best way that it was handled was to know what the other side interpreted the information and have a collaborative discussion about it.

    Ryan Silvano

    The best way to handle miscommunication is to know how the other party interpreted the information and have a collaborative discussion about it.

    Steven Czubinski

    When miscommunications occur it’s usually because of a distraction or competing priority. I try to follow up in writing whenever possible, whether it’s a meeting agenda recap or a simple email to review a conversation.

    Matthew Yokotake

    Fixed the issue and figured out how we should have communicated better.

    Santosh Sridhar


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