Describe a time when there was a miscommunication and explain how you handled it.

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    Kjetil Skinlo


    Saroj Kumar Mohanty

    Acknowledging the problem.

    Matthew Lepree

    A department was expecting us to order a non-standard cellular item which should have been handled through our administrative team. We ended up having a Teams meeting with all parties to explain why their request needed to be handled differently.

    Warren Herrera

    Conflicts amongst peers is always a sensitive subject; however, one that is inevitable to happen to foster growth amongst the organization and team. Whenever miscommunication happens, I make sure to take the time to understand both sides of issue, relay the intention, and then make it a point to get both parties in the room to explain. Not only an explanation is warranted, but having a plan for moving forward that can be implemented to avoid such a miscommunication from happening again.

    Erik Luhmer

    I acknowledged the problem and its root causes and then worked through it with my team to clearly communicate the solution.

    Logan Carter

    The last time i had a miscommunication was with my co-worker. After the miscommunication i asked him when i asked you said question what’s the first thing that came to mind and why? He explained to me his thoughts and explanation and i found we think very differently. I now add some more clarification and he and I can understand each other better.

    Markus Allen

    Wrong delivery address was entered on new hire onboarding form, so the equipment was sent to a wrong address. It was a time sensitive hire, so rather than update the delivery address via FedEx which 99% of the time adds another day on to the delivery time, I had the shipment held at the facility nearest the users house and the user picked it up.

    Chandra Gavino

    Work to correct the issue, apologize, and future mistake proof

    Sylvia Villaman

    There was a miscommunication between me and a coworker about reference material that needed to be posted to our website for low bidders to access prior to submitting their bid. The items were not made available so we extended out the bid date by 7 days to allow bidders to review the material and decide if they still wanted to submit a bid.

    Monika Vyletalova

    Asking and collecting responses from all parties – understand the problem – provide an effective decision/solution

    Olawale Dada

    Acknowledging the problem and then communicating it properly.

    Kris Dysert

    I asked a manager about an order and she responded about a different one. I clarified which order I meant.

    William Harrington

    A misunderstanding of my duties and responsibilities with a new customer. Organized a Team’s meeting to share and go over the statement of work.

    Maria DeMars


    Egor Kataev

    Find why miscommunication was happed and then communicating it properly.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 57 total)
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