How can your organization help the environment when it comes to IT assets?

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    Adele Asencio

    Proper disposal of IT Assets.

    Svetlana Terentyeva

    Reuse assets, dispose correctly

    Adam Feuerstein

    Ensuring we are utilizing assets throughout their entire lifecycle, reducing the volume of equipment purchased. Ensuring all assets are sent to proper disposition vendors for responsible recycling.

    Eliza Budhathoki

    By integrating specific standards of strategies into their IT asset practices.

    Bridgette Stuart

    My organization can help the environment by properly disposing of our IT assets.

    Adele Asencio

    Minimize the use of paper when applicable, proper disposal, proper tracking of assets, recycling.

    Elizabeth Neal

    – We currently only support 1 device per user as part of our carbon reduction initiative.
    – Shipping devices in environmentally friendly packaging (paper tape, non-plastic or recyclable materials)
    – Ensuring we only replace assets in scope for renewal, maximising the full life-cycle of the asset
    – Removing high power consumption IT assets, replacing with lower energy solutions e.g dockless monitors

    Kira Bunker

    Proper disposal of hazardous materials such as hard drive shred shrapnel.

    Sameer Ullal

    Following good practice for disposal management
    Digitization – Go Green

    Tyler Stoeger

    Through proper disposal of equipment

    Kenneth Simmons

    We utilize ITAD for our asset disposal ensuring it is disposed in good practices.

    Shavontae Myers

    Proper best practices when it comes to asset disposal, harvesting assets til it is at end of life

    Heather Waider

    Buying quality products that meet end user needs.
    Not overbuying.
    Properly dispose/destroy assets from a verified vendor.

    Sello Leburu

    We are using third party disposal company.


    Working to together and supporting policy. creating standard equipment and standard return policies that the whole company adhere to.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 56 total)
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